Richard Westenra

Senior front-end developer

Richard joined Distilled in 2011 as an interactive designer & front-end developer. He loves making data-visualisations, games and web-apps, and enjoys working with jQuery, d3.js, Yeoman and WordPress.

Originally from New Zealand, Richard studied philosophy at Canterbury University only to learn that he knew nothing and that the outside world might be a figment of his imagination. Despite this hurdle, he managed to suspend his disbelief in reality long enough to achieve a diploma of web development. After finishing his studies, Richard a couple of years gaining industry experience before embarking on a long-awaited Northern Hemisphere adventure. Richard arrived in London in April 2011 with a work visa and a desire to see as much of Europe as humanly possible, but not much of a plan beyond that. He quickly spent all his savings travelling the continent and has now settled down at Distilled to build the war chest back up so he can do it again.

When he’s not designing the web, Richard likes to spend his days skiing, unicycling, juggling, unicycling while juggling, playing airsoft, exploring the universe, and checking the backs of wardrobes for Narnia.