Phil Nottingham

Senior Consultant and Video Strategist

Phil is the in-house video marketing expert and chief meme generator at Distilled. He joined Distilled in April 2011, after impressing Will and Duncan with his ability to look like a serviceable pirate following minimal costume changes and has since spent loads of their money on cameras and lights. Coming from an eclectic background in theatre dramaturgy, broadcast technology, video design, stage-combat and social media, Phil now combines marketing prognostication with ranting both in the written and spoken form.

Born in Ireland and subsequently raised in the jungles of suburban Hampshire, Phil studied Alternative Theatre and New Performance Practice at The Central School of Speech and Drama, where he once ran head-first into a wall.

Phil’s recreational interests include Cornish Pasties, jumping over rivers, constructing flat-pack furniture, pretending to conduct symphonies while brushing his teeth, debating the merits of regional ales and trolling other members of staff with extremely amateur photoshop creations.