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The Year in Search | A Round Up of 2014

It doesn’t feel like a year since Hannah wrote a review of search in 2013 but here we are again. A lot has happened in our industry but we’re all still here and it’s as interesting as ever. Let’s take a look back at 2014 and see what the biggest stories were.

January: A nail in the coffin of guest blogging, more link networks and AI

The webspam team started 2014 with some strong signals to the shadier side of the SEO community. We’d long suspected that scalable guest blogging was on their radar and Matt Cutts confirmed this in a blog post on his personal site. This followed several public outings from Matt regarding link networks which had claimed to be undetectable (honestly, why poke the bear and claim that publicly?!) and the subsequent shutdown of those networks.

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5 Techniques for Promoting your Client without Content

At Distilled, we do a lot of client work which involves creating and promoting content. The promotion can include outreach, PR, paid social campaigns or even events. Our most recent piece did pretty well on the promotion front and when you have something great to promote, it makes your life a lot easier!

But what happens if you don’t have a big, flashy piece of content to promote? Not every client has the time or budget for this work and, in some cases, it may not be the right answer at a particular point in time.

In this post, I want to explore a few ways to promote your client that don’t require big pieces of content. I’m going to use a few example websites and – to be clear – the examples are not currently Distilled clients.

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Why Not All of Your Videos Should Live on YouTube

We’re going through exciting times in the online marketing world. Technology is moving faster than we’ve ever seen before and shows no signs of slowing down. As discussed in the scope of this post, there are three core areas that are interlinked and are growing at a huge rate:

  • Devices

  • Internet speed

  • Consumption of video content

Let’s take a look at each of these areas before going on to consider what it all means for online marketers working with video.

The convergence of smarter devices, increased internet speed and thirst for video content

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How to learn SEO

If you’d like to learn SEO the Distilled way, enrol in our online SEO University - DistilledU. Learn at your own pace with interactive modules written by our team of SEO consultants.

When you talk to SEOs about how they got into the industry, the stories are always pretty varied.  There is no standard route into SEO given that it isn’t taught at University or College, at least not as a stand alone course.  Many people tend to fall into SEO by accident and catch the bug, that bug is usually getting one of their own websites to number 1.

As I’ve become more experienced over the years and starting running my own team at Distilled and worked with people who are brand new to SEO, I’ve collected various links, resources and notes that I will give to new starters at Distilled to help give them a head start.  This post will share all of this so you also have a point of reference for you to give to new starters in your own company.

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7 Types of Content to Get Traffic and Links

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently working with clients on their content strategies for 2012.  Its something I’ve been keen to evangelise and get them to invest resource into, some clients have been harder than others to convince!  I can see why its sometimes a hard thing to buy into, but I firmly believe that having a solid content strategy in place is essential for the majority of sites we work with.  Tom wrote this post on content marketing yesterday which I’d urge you to go and read.

Why companies struggle with content marketing

Two of the common problems that many companies have with content production are -
  • Resource to create content - many do not have time or specialist writers in-house
  • They lack ideas of what content they can create or their industry is “boring”
There are more, but these are probably the consistent ones that I hear.

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