Noah Lemas

VP Client Development, North America

Noah is an SEO nerd and digital marketing veteran. Before joining the Distilled team, Noah spent years in agency and in-house roles creating digital strategy and content. He breaks down digital concepts and strategies into relatable, understandable contexts that help clients make better use of their marketing budgets.

Prior to Distilled, Noah served as VP, Business Development at AudetteMedia and Sr. Director of Marketing at Rimm-Kaufmann Group. He is thrilled to be at an intelligently focused agency like Distilled, the type of expert agency where the excitement and passion of the digital marketing world has always truly lived.

With years of experience creating targeted digital strategy for some of the internet’s largest brands and ecommerce retailers, Noah relies on ambitious big-picture ideas, and on gauging marketing spend in the context of return on investment.

Noah loves teaching and coaching, serving as a part-time instructor in the Business Administration department at Central Oregon Community College and as a longtime youth baseball coach. When he’s not team-building personally or professionally, he loves watching and writing about baseball (he’s been published in the Orange County Register and The Wall Street Journal). If he’s not busy spending time with his family or watching sports, he loves to play golf, travel, and write.