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Five Productivity Hacks You Need to Be Using in 2015

Whether you just need a quick reminder or are looking to become more productive in 2015, this post covers five tools in my personal tool set (and my team’s) that help increase workplace productivity, collaboration and generally make us better at what we do. What’s even better, wait for it, they’re free…

1. The Inbox Zero Methodology

If I was ever running a company I would make inbox zero mandatory for my employees. No, seriously. Using inbox zero has changed my life – I’m timely to respond to emails, organized and never overwhelmed. I work more efficiently with my direct colleagues as well as my clients and have organized my email folders and labels so I know exactly where to find certain emails anytime.

How many emails are in your inbox right now? Most likely way too many.

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How we Generated $200k in Leads in Four Months

This post is intended for the intermediate to advanced online marketer interested in small business growth and looking for tips on keyword research and on-page optimization. I’ll be covering a real life example from my small business to show how we executed this keyword research test and the revenue in leads that’s resulted thus far. 

Ah yes, keyword research – a fun topic us internet marketers love so much! I’ve recently stumbled across some awesome posts covering how to think about targeting topics all the way down to advanced on-page targeting techniques. Both highlight best practices in on-page targeting and, more importantly, aim to shift our thinking from just targeting keywords to focusing more on targeting topics.

I wanted to use this post to highlight how I’ve changed the way I conduct organic search volume opportunity analysis when doing keyword research for a given topic, and to show you how to identify keyword targeting opportunities at the page level (or topic level) versus just the keyword level.

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Moving the Needle in 2014: Increasing eCommerce Revenue and User Acquisition

It’s a new year, with new strategies and you’re in charge of growing your company’s revenue in 2014. But where will your increased sales come from and what activities will you focus on to move the needle? 

Look around and smell the roses, most likely your new source of customers and revenue will come from eCommerce – there is no doubt that eCommerce sales continue to grow and that brands are making the shift to online first activities.

But what are those activities? How are companies executing on behalf of these? I had the chance to speak with a handful of differerent eCommerce businesses to see where their focuses lie in 2014, but also find out what tools they use to help them with their day-to-day execution. 

These were my top two questions for them:

What specific online activities are you focusing on in 2014 to increase online revenue or user acquisition?

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4 steps to optimize and measure your brand’s efforts on Instagram

Hi all! My name is Nick Marvik - I’m one of the new consultants here at Distilled Seattle. I enjoy talking about all things small business, social media and online marketing. Aside from everything I learn daily here at Distilled, I will also be using the growth of my custom ski/snowboard outerwear startup to share with you the experiences I’ve learned along the way.

Over the past two years, I have learned first-hand how to naturally create a community built around social media, and Instagram has recently been one of NWT3K’s primary focuses. Don’t worry; this is not a ‘How-To Use Instagram’ post. These strategies are intended for smaller brands that are currently using Instagram, have some traction with users, and want to take their efforts to the next level. It’s important to note that not all brands will be able to generate the ROI necessary to make Instagram worthwhile – but B2C startups, especially those dedicated to eCommerce, shouldn’t hesitate to jump right in. 

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