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Taylor Swift’s Seven Marketing Lessons

In the past ten years, Taylor Swift has gone from a little-known country singer in cowboy boots to a global pop star whose latest album, ‘1989’, is touted as helping keep the music industry afloat. But how has she done it? How has she made sure that every time you change your car radio, she’s playing?

Sure, she’s got catchy song lyrics that stick in your brain and a clothing style that causes envy (she was named People Magazine’s best dressed celebrity after all).

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The New GAIQ EXAM: What You Need to Know

Google released a new version of the GAIQ last Wednesday. If you didn’t hear about it, you’re not alone. There wasn’t any fanfare, no major discussions in the marketing community. I only noticed because I started studying for the test right after the New Year. When I went to the Analytics IQ Lessons page it said the test would be updated on or around the 15th, and that to study for the new exam you needed to check out the Analytics Academy Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. Curious about the new exam, I waited for its release and (thankfully!) passed.

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Internet Marketers’ Holiday Wishlist

It’s that time of the year again when internet marketers have too much on their plate. In our professional lives, we’re working like crazy to launch holiday campaigns, tweak them, and monitor their success. In our personal lives, we’re busy attending holiday parties, buying presents and confirming travel plans. It’s overwhelming and enough to cause people to run for the hills.

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As we’re powering through it all, it’s not unusual to overhear someone wish for some inspiration, a little bit of help, a little more time in the day. But what if the all-mighty marketing powers were listening to these pleas? What if they could grant all of our holiday wishes? What would you wish for?

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