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Story Focussed Data Visualisation

Towards the end of last year, we completed a project for blinkbox Books that charted the careers of some of the greatest authors of the last 200 years, and showed at what age they published their breakthrough books. The final piece was an overall success, doing well on social media and gaining some excellent coverage online. However, the process of arriving at the final execution and design was by no means straight forward.

I’m a graphic designer at Distilled and my role in this project was to design the piece, i.e. to create an overarching style relevant to the content, consider the user experience, and ensure the piece works across different platforms. Throughout this process, I worked closely with our data journalist and creative lead to find the most compelling visual solution for the data we had and the story we wanted it to tell.

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Creative Calling

Here at Distilled, we’ve always been big believers in the power of content. To this end, we’ve spent the last few years assembling a well-rounded team of designers, developers, data journalists and animators, as well as PR and outreach experts. Today the creative team is the largest team in the company. What’s more, it’s still growing.

                                                                           Our creative team

Up until now, we haven’t talked much about creative stuff on this blog.

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