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11 Productivity Tools for Firefox

So a few weeks ago, I ploughed through the annals of Firefox plug-ins available online – fun times! And I found a bunch of tools that are wicked for improving workflow (and a fair few pointless ones too).

So I powered up Firefox to become a productivity ninja. After a while, I found myself using some a lot more than others.

The ones I ended up using fairly regularly were…


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SEO vs Google Pro SEO Seminar Live Blogging

Google vs SEO - by Dave Naylor

The War of the SERPs

Is Google locking down SEOs and trying to kill them off?

Dave Naylor’s session at the Pro Seminar definitely would have got people talking.  But first, a quick warning...  If you’re employed in SEO and you’re looking for some uplifting news, I’d probably stop reading this now.  But if you don’t mind squirming in your seat for a while, and facing some uncomfortable predictions, read on...

For quite a while now Google has been slamming the door on affiliates.  This is particularly the case in the organic listings.  And increasing PPC prices are making it tough for affiliates to survive at all.  That might not be news to some, but that’s not all that’s happening...

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The 6 Angles That Shape Your Infographic

Recently, I was part of the team responsible for creating an Infographic.  Two months in, I’m still a relative newbie to Distilled, and it quickly became clear there was a lot more to think about than I initially appreciated.

There are several different parties with a vested interest in the final product and the production process, and balancing the criteria of each can be tricky.  You can help yourself out massively by becoming aware of the different factors early on in the process.

The creative process for producing such a piece of content is unavoidably iterative, but having a clearer idea of the guidelines could mean the difference between minor refinements and a major overhaul.  So, to the different parties...

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5 Laws That Fuel Your Procrastination

Do you ever set out to do a task, and 3 hours later you’ve done just about everything else except the thing you originally set out to do? Join the club.

I’ve found myself having a number of conversations recently about productivity. And a quick search online revealed a shed-load of time management and productivity posts and articles.

Due to the wealth of articles and posts out there, I decided to avoid the obvious topic of time-wasters like Twitter and email. And I’ll be giving the ever-popular 80/20 rule (also known as Pareto’s Law) a wide berth too.

I’ve opted instead to compile a short list of other Laws that could be at play when you find yourself dithering.

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Are You A Victim Of Inception?

Has Someone Been Planting Ideas In Your Head And Making Them Seem Like Your Own?

Are You Sure?

WARNING:  This Post Contains Spoilers (And The Links Out Contain Some Serious Ones!)


This season’s blockbuster, Inception, is set in the future where it’s possible for people to enter shared dreams and uncover their deepest secrets, in a process known as extraction.

However, the challenge for our heroes is not to extract an idea, but to plant one.

To be really effective, the idea must feel like it originated within the subject’s own mind.  They must lead the victim of this ‘mind crime’ to reach the conclusion on his own.

There are a number of fascinating interpretations of the movie across the web, but one of them in particular blew me away...

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