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Could Animation Be Your Next Content Piece?

Animation is a beautiful medium that really catches people’s attention. So it’s easy to see why it’s become so popular these days. However, before launching into this type of project, you need to make sure that animation is right for your story and do the necessary prep work. This post will share some of the crucial lessons I’ve learnt in my role as animator at Distilled.

What animation can do for you

If animation is the right medium for your idea it can really enhance and uplift your story.

1. It grabs attention

Animation allows you to present complex information in a simple and fun way. It’s a great tool to engage and hold an audience’s attention.

2. It communicates quickly

It’s a great way for businesses to tell a story quickly in a dynamic way that creates impact and momentum.

3. It explains complex ideas, products and services

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7 Steps to a Seamless Shoot

Successful video projects rarely just happen; in fact, they involve a great deal of planning. And planning is everything! It is the heart and soul of your project and it is a big task. Knowing where to begin with your video project can seem quite overwhelming at first, but a proper pre-production plan can save you a lot of time and unnecessary overspending. Obviously, every video and every production is different and there certainly isn’t a golden recipe to a successful campaign but not planning ahead could be the beginning of many disasters along your production journey.  

Let’s get started!

So, whether you are looking for guidelines on your first video production, or interested in expanding your skill set, these tips will help you understand the essence of pre-production and give you an insight into how we plan for a video here at Distilled.

Let’s take a look at our video planning process using ‘The Christmas Collider’ – the latest video we have made for Digital Science – as an example.

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A New Species: Video Infographics

Let’s be honest, we can easily get bored reading too much text.  And it can be difficult to follow lots of numbers and statistics. To overcome this, we can use illustrations, flowcharts and graphs to make information visually appealing and easier to understand. This is the original appeal of infographics despite their frequent abuse.


Infographics are graphical representations of data and information.  No matter what data they represent, at their core, they are still stories.  Sadly, the stereotypical infographic often consists of long lists of incomprehensible text (!), numerous graphs and over-elaborate flowcharts - all of which could easily be transformed into a moving tale that captures the imagination.  With the right ingredients in place and a design “wizard” in charge, infographics can be reinvigorated as video - turning a now tired and ineffective medium into an effective communication tool, capable of conveying a concrete message.

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