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The Dangers of Dark Patterns

There’s no doubt that SEO and Internet Marketing has come a long way. The past few years have been chockfull of substantial shifts in the ways that we do business – causing quite a few growing pains. But with an ongoing transition away from spammy tactics and a refocused spirit on elevating the needs of our customers, it seems that the industry is finally reforming its ways.

But then I see this…

Or this…

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Design For People Not For Bots

The longer I work in internet marketing, the more I wonder if we’re often missing the point. We tend to think primarily in terms of “link-juice,” conversion rates, or increasing traffic, and when it comes to accountability, we usually look to Google as some omnipotent deity, hoping it will bestow favor upon us. But with so much emphasis on these inanimate statistics, we’ve forgotten something really important:

The internet is not about Google.

The internet is not about ads.

The internet is not about traffic.

The internet is about PEOPLE.

Shocker, right? Amidst all the hubbub centered around how to best optimize X, or increase Y, or reduce Z, we overlook the simple, raw purpose of the internet.

The user

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Using Personal Experience To Qualify Your Outreach

So, you’ve spent hours slogging through the net for a beautiful list of prospects. You’ve created a great piece of content and have crafted (what you believe is) the perfect pitch that will propel you to supreme internet fame… only instead of fame, you find an inbox full of bloggers asking for ‘posting fees.’

We’ve all been there – the “outreach blues” as I like to call it. Those times when you can’t seem to find the outreach love that you’re so desperately looking for. But why is this? How is it that great pieces of content are frequently rejected by bloggers? I mean don’t they want every article they can get their hands on?

Actually, no.

With the rise in guest posting efforts, I think that a common misconception has developed amongst SEO’s - mainly that good content speaks entirely for itself.

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