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For the Love of Good Content

About a year ago, our head of creative Mark presented How to Produce Better Content Ideas at SearchLove Boston. The slide deck has been really popular, with over 443,000 views so far.

With that in mind, I thought our audience might like to see examples of work we’ve made off the back of such thinking.

The following list is divided into different formats so you can see which new trends we’re tapping into for our clients.

Interactive Visualisations

Photos on the Web – Photoworld

Photoworld prints your photos in a personalised book. Our brainstorm led us to think about Instagram, the popular photo app, and what it would be like if all the photos were printed out.

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Why Letting Go Could Kick-Start Your Creativity

To make exceptional creative work, we must defy conventions and accept the risk of failure. This was the main lesson shared at ‘Here London’ (run by publishing platform ‘It’s Nice That’) – a conference I had the pleasure of attending earlier this summer.  

Whether a creative or a marketer (or both!), we must constantly challenge our ways of working, and adopt new ones. After all, the digital world changes too quickly to allow for complacency. To become stagnant in our work is to be left behind.

But how do we learn to think more creatively? This blog post shares some lessons from the conference that can help us do just that.

Don’t stick to conventions

Nalden - Cofounder of We Transfer

Nalden talked about unobtrusive advertising.

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What is it like to work at Distilled?

A few months ago now, Andrew Martinolich joined us for a 2 month internship, working just 2 days per week. He has written about his experience whilst working at Distilled, which provides an insight into what it is like to be part of the team here.

Andrew writes:

Getting the Internship

After spending a few weeks awaiting a decision from Syracuse University’s Abroad Internship Office, I really didn’t know what to expect in terms of an internship. I was paired with Distilled, a SEO company that needed an extra pair of hands in their design department. What was to be my line of work? What would the people be like? This was to be my very first internship so the questions just kept coming.

It turned out I was way overdressed for the interview but was put at ease by the informality and kindness of CEO Duncan Morris and Executive Assistant Hannah Livingston. This air of friendliness would set the tone for the rest of my stay at Distilled.

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Distilled’s new Events Branding - Logo Design

Over the past month or so the Distilled Design and Events team have been working hard to rebrand Distilled’s events.

But why are we rebranding our events?

Earlier this year we held two link building conferences, one in London and one in New Orleans, aptly, though not very creatively, named ‘Distilled’s Link Building Conference’.

The Link Building character was our robot spider, we didn’t have a logo for the conferences.

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What Everybody Ought to Know About Twitter Backgrounds

What is your Twitter background? A random photograph strangely filling only a quarter of the screen? Or perhaps a slightly pixelated company logo in the top left hand corner? Or maybe you’re a minimalist... just a plain colour background for you?

We have been doing something fun with our Twitter Backgrounds, read on to find out more.

We have developed a FREE Twitter background template available to download. This will help you design a background the works well with the current twitter design:

twitter-background-template FREE Twitter background template

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