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The Distilled Yearly Creative Roundup: 2017 Edition

It’s been a year since our last creative roundup and I wanted to share what we’ve been working on in the last 12 months. As I started to collate the our creative pieces, it’s become clear that we’ve tried our hand, and indeed had some successes, at new and exciting formats

This has partly stemmed from Google’s changing algorithm, as we can see the benefit in investing in content for brand awareness, with branded search carrying more weight than before. This creative freedom has led us to storyboard social ad series, shoot stylized photo essays and video social experiment stunts for brands too.

We’ve made pieces with regional angles, which have led to neverending press lists (a good thing), and one that focussed on the fear factor that ended up on the news.

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Creative Inspiration: 10 of the Best Bits of Content We Enjoyed this Summer

At Distilled, we’re always sharing the great content we happen to stumble across. That could be as simple as getting excited by the most recent Google doodle, or finding a more engaging graph style on Instagram. We wanted to share some of the very best content that has excited, engaged, or educated us with you too.

1. Nukemap - Alex Wellerstein

This map calculates the effects of the detonation of various real nuclear bombs, which is grimly fascinating.

Source: Nuclear Secrecy

2. International Cat Day Animation - Golden Wolf

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New Ideas, New Content, New Formats! The Distilled Yearly Creative Roundup

Over the past year, some of the content Distilled has created has seen the highest metrics we’ve ever had. To reach these dizzy new heights, we stepped out our comfort zone and started trying some new formats (as well as perfecting some more of the tried and tested formats we’ve had success with in the past).

New formats we’ve tried include simple games and photo stories. The results we received helped validate our thinking but taking a chance on these was a risk for both Distilled and our clients. However, if you don’t break the mould once in awhile, content can start to stagnate.

If your campaigns are no longer reaching the audiences they once used to, perhaps it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Try a new type of idea or a new format; you might find that you reach an entirely new audience along the way. Trends very quickly get old. Learn to buck them. For example, we generally don’t make static infographics anymore, because times have moved on.

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How to Make Award Winning Creative Content - Part 2

This post is a continuation of part one of ‘How to make award winning creative content’ , which focussed on our Drum Search Award for Photoworld.

Following on from the previous post, where we discussed the elements of our CEWE Photoworld work that netted us the Best Use of PR - SEO award, part two will run through the campaign that helped us take home the Best Financial Services Campaign - SEO for our client, Fleximize.

Dominic and the Fleximize team collecting their award

Fleximize - To Inspire and Empower

Fleximize is a FinTech startup providing flexible loans to businesses. The creative content is aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs.

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How to Make Award Winning Creative Content - Part 1

Submitting your content and campaigns for awards considerations seems like an obvious win. Being able to showcase your brand as award-winning is a useful bit of prestige when attracting new business (and reassuring existing clients that they’ve made a good choice). It’s also a nice way to show gratitude for the hard working team members who made the campaign possible in the first place.

However, the obvious downside is you might not win. Awards entries have associated costs and time required. Losing out to your competitors can be demoralising. And what of nominations and commendations? Sure, that puts you in the top two or three agencies, but what’s to stop a potential client just skipping straight ahead to the winner.

In short, entering awards should be a considered tactic of your agency’s marketing strategy, but work hard on optimising your win rate.

The difficult question is what makes award-winning content exactly that - worthy of winning?

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