Leonie Wharton

Senior Designer

Leonie is one of the longest standing members at Distilled and was here when the company was just 5 members. Her time is split evenly over client and internal work. Client work focuses on linkbait projects for our clients, working closely with the head of creative to iron out the best creative solution. Internally, Leonie is in charge of Distilled’s branding and events paraphernalia, keeping the brand consistent and developing it as the company grows.

With a first class degree in graphic design she likes to impart her knowledge on her other team members jabbering on about ‘leading’ whilst the developers shout back its ‘line height’.

She has her fingers in many pies and likes to dabble with illustration, animation and set design in her spare time. She can often be found crafting away on some laborious project or other over the weekends.

Outside the creative world Leonie enjoys cycling, swimming, walking Rowan the dog and going to exhibitions. She can be found most weekends exploring London and making some ridiculous shapes on the dance floor.