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How to Train a Content Team to Have a Singular Brand Voice

If you’ve delved into the realm of content marketing or created a content team, you’ve likely come across the term “brand voice.” You’ve probably also run into sources that argue how important brand voice is—and they’re right.

Nailing down your brand’s story and voice is vital to your content marketing efforts, because giving your brand a voice makes you more personable as a company.


And being a more personable brand is really important, considering 81% of consumers have either unliked or hidden a company’s post on Facebook. And, 41% of Twitter users have unfollowed a company before.

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How to Develop and Maintain a Content Team

We’re all are aware that content marketing is on the rise. You can tell just by the number of buzzwords thrown around: sticky content, snackable content, engagement, content curation, etc. In the midst of such a popular marketing strategy, it’s easy to get swept away in the trendiness of it all. But let me make one thing clear: “Content” isn’t a buzzword, it’s the future of your business.

Not convinced? Then think about the fact that 61% of people feel better about a company that delivers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company, according to research conducted by the Customer Content Council with Roper Affairs.

consumers and content

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How to Write Effective Copy for Your Website

When I declared an English major in college, my mom said it was a great choice, “because people will always need good writers.”

I was pleasantly surprised to find that true upon graduating college, but I was also pretty surprised to find out why people need good writers: because they can’t actually write themselves.

It’s actually a little scary to see how many business professionals can’t write effectively, but what’s even scarier is when those people, who know nothing about copywriting, insist on writing their own website copy.

If you’re involved in building or maintaining a website, you need to know something about copy writing for two reasons:

  1. I realize I’m shooting myself in the foot a bit here, but hiring copywriters is expensive and you’ll save a load of cash if you can do your own writing for your website (although, I wouldn’t recommend the DIY route for large sites).

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How to Produce High Quality Written Content

I constantly hear SEOs and internet marketers evangelizing good content, suggesting that brands “create high quality content,” or “build link-worthy content.” Content has definitely become a trend word, with many people, including Bill Gates, proclaiming “content is king.”

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for great content, but I think all too often brands find themselves unable to define and create “awesome content.”

So, I’m going to break down steps to creating high quality written content. I’m focusing on written content, because that’s what I see brands trying to create most often—but obviously there are many types of web content.   

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