Kristina Kledzik


Kristina joined Distilled as an SEO after working as an SEO/SEM/Web Analytics Specialist for the University of Washington.

Kristina always knew she wanted to work with computers, but avoided computer science classes in college after hearing her father describe his programming work as something akin to Geometry proofs, which she hated. Instead, she got her Bachelor’s in Business Administration, focusing on financial project management. In her last quarter at UW, her father convinced her to try an Intro to CSE course, and she realized that programming was not, in fact, like proofs. While working for UW, she came back to study web programming specifically, learning JavaScript, AJAX, and PHP.

When Kristina isn’t on a computer working or researching random topics (like how to grow a citrus tree indoors), she’s usually out trying a new restaurant or watching comedies.