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Choose Your International Strategy Tool

International Search is a very confusing thing for webmasters, SEOs, and business owners across the globe. I’ve worked with companies large and small on their international strategies and over time developed a set of questions that help identify the right strategy for any particular company. Those questions were made into a flowchart and an interactive tool for my presentations at SearchLove Boston and, most recently, San Diego. In this post, I wanted to share the flowchart, the tool, my presentation and the Q&A after my talk. My hope is that the confusion with online international expansion diminishes. This would perhaps lead to companies spending more time on creating the right content based on their target market and less on domains and HREFLANG.

The Flowchart

The original format was a flowchart (below) which was then put into a PDF. In the PDF, the “answers” are followed by tips for your specific strategy and resources to help implement that strategy.

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The Anatomy of a Great Guest Post

Lately there has been a lot of talk about how guest posting has gone down hill.While there are tons of guides on how to write a good blog post, there are some things about guest posting that are unique. So I want to focus on fixing the problem of bad guest posts with a visual guide to a great guest post.

There are diagrams around the web that cover a good post, but that all seems to go out the window when a guest post is actually written. This might have to do with how much people pay writers or the commoditization of it all. Regardless, there are people looking for how to create an epic guest post and I want to share tips on how to write a great guest post.

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Google Analytics Resources for Beginners to Advanced Users

Analytics is what makes online marketing so valuable to many executives. We can track what is working on the site and how effective an online campaign is for the business bottom line. It’s like the wiring in a house, it’s not the foundation but just as imperative and not seen to the user of the site.

analytics proof Analytics lets us show how traffic is increasing over time. (or so we hope it will)

Many of our clients come to us and ask for help with marketing, community building, and of course increasing traffic. Part of that process is ensuring that the reporting is set up correctly so they can see the ROI.

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Using Big Brand Ideas in Small Business

Jewelry Small Business OwnerFollow your dreams, they say.
Work for yourself, they say.
Dream big and it’ll happen, they say.

But running a small business is so much harder than that. Just getting your name out there is one of the hardest things to do, and the same is true online. To succeed online, it takes more than just building a website. I’ve been talking with a number of small businesses lately and the one thing I always hear is “What do I do? I don’t have the budget of the big guys!”

You can win on the internet without a big brand or budget. I am going to tell you how and then show you how to turn big brand ideas into ways you can build up your small business on a budget. 

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March 5th Seattle Meetup

Check out the Meetup Listing and RSVP!

Date: March 5, 2013 Time: 5:30 pm Location: TheEasy @ TechStars, 511 Boren Ave N (Basement), Seattle, WA

It’s that time again, another Distilled Seattle Meetup. A few things are changing this time around. First, we are going to be having this meetup at the TechStars office, at The Easy downstairs (map here). We have recently moved offices (closer to main downtown Seattle) and The Easy is such a great place to have meetups.

The topic and speakers have changed as well (as per the usual). This time we will be embarking on the current hot topic Content Marketing. This will not be a how to session though. Our speakers will be telling it like it is, the Distilled way, and talking about what Content Marketing is and, more importantly, is not.

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