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GAIQ Study Sheet

Ahh, the wonder that is Google Analytics (GA). As we’ve all experienced either first hand or while dealing with clients, GA is a complex giant that is often underutilized. In the hands of an inexperienced user, GA consists of pretty graphs and a lot of meaningless numbers. In order to make sense of your website’s traffic and maximize its potential, like anything, you have to practice.

“Practice makes perfect.”

In this case this saying definitely rings true. Since GA is a powerful tool with a steep learning curve, “practicing” and learning the ins and outs can seem intimidating. Adding additional pressure, Google offers a digital badge certifying your qualifications through an exam, the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) .

Personally, I hate tests. Even if it’s something I know in and out, just the thought of being quizzed freaks me out! So, for those hoping to get their heads around GA and pass the GAIQ I’ve put together a checklist of items to complete before the big day.

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Top Blog Posts From The Past Year

Being new to the Distilled team (NYC office…whop whop!) I found myself reading back in the blog archives and realizing, “Hey, there’s some wicked good stuff in here.” This ingenious thought spurred me to troll through a year’s worth of blog posts and create a “Best Of” post.

You may ask, “How did you decide what makes the cut?”

Great question!

I took all the blog posts from the last year (July 7,2010-2011) and filtered them by traffic and tweets. So without further ado, your favorite posts…

Top Posts By Unique Visits

1. How To Build Agile SEO Tools Using Google Docs
By Tom Critchlow (13,266)

2. Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy
By Justin Briggs (8,754)

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