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Use Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines To Assess Site Quality

What are Google’s Search Quality Evaluator Guidelines?  

To make sure that Google’s search engine is returning the right answers, Google regularly uses human contractors to evaluate search results to make sure that the latest algorithm is returning the kind of results they want. Google’s Quality Evaluator Guidelines are the instructions that they give these evaluators.


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How to Conduct The Ultimate PPC Audit

1.0: What is a PPC audit?

Conducting a PPC audit for a new client, or even an existing client, is essential to ensure you’re maximising efficiency across their ad accounts. It should be noted that whilst many of the below points can be translated to Bing, this checklist is primarily Google focussed.

For new clients, it can be an exciting process to discover opportunities to help with just that and for existing clients, the meticulous, small tweaks can make a positive difference when an account is mature.

This blog post will show you what you should be looking for when conducting a PPC audit and how to go about it.  

However, before you conduct a PPC audit, make sure you request access to important platforms.

  • Google Analytics: This will allow you to check whether their Google Analytics has been linked to their Google Ads account and if conversion goals have been set up correctly.

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How to Get the Most out of PageRank and Boost Rankings

There are 100s of signals that help Google understand and rank content and one signal in particular, PageRank, is often not fully taken advantage of on large scale websites.

Harnessing PageRank can provide the boost you need to gain traction in search results once you’ve covered some of the SEO basics, such as on-page optimisation.

But first, let’s define what PageRank is and how it works.

What is PageRank?

PageRank is a metric used by Google to determine the authority of a page, based on inbound links.

Unlike other ranking factors, Google used to explicitly give you a PageRank score of a webpage; however, Google decided to retire the public PageRank  metric.

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