Jo Harris-Cooksley

Creative Lead

A self-confessed harasser of dogs, Londoner Jo has an impressive pre-Distilled remit. Having worked in online communities for the BBC and as Head of Editorial for a well-known (and very pink) travel brand, she lives and breaths grammar geekery and is a little bit obsessed with words, stories, writing, editing and blogging - the latter of which she does for her not-always-completely-serious blog about London.  

When she’s not putting her MA in Contemporary Literature and Film to good use, you can find her travelling, staying up too late, gigging, begging her superiors at Distilled to invest in an office dog and clubbing her little heart out. 

Among her pet peeves are people describing her local area (Dalston) as trendy, people eating tomatoes whole (ick), and the thought of commuting without headphones.

Oh and she likes dogs. We mentioned that, right?