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Emotional Intelligence at Work: Why I’m Trying to be Less Empathetic

If you aren’t yet familiar with the concept of Emotional Intelligence (also known as emotional quotient or EQ), it’s probably time to take note. In his book Emotional Intelligence NY Times science writer Daniel Goleman argued that it wasn’t, as previously thought, IQ that guaranteed business success but EQ instead. He defined the four characteristics of EQ as being:

  1. good at understanding your own emotions (self-awareness)
  2. good at managing your emotions (self-management)

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Distilled Partners with London Charity to Help Young Care Leavers

We’ve joined forces with Drive Forward Foundation, in a charity partnership that aims to get more care leavers into full time employment in London.

Drive Forward Foundation is a small London based charity that works to help 16-26 year old care leavers succeed professionally, so they can achieve the independence and self-worth associated with meaningful, sustainable employment.

Distilled has been working on initiatives to diversify its workforce for some time now, including proactive solutions to expand its hiring pipeline. This partnership is one step in finding meaningful ways to find and nurture new talent, as well as doing our bit to shake up an industry that’s widely reported to lack gender, race and class representation here in the UK.

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Back to Basics: the Dos and Don’ts of Contacting Journalists

I’m what’s affectionately known (hopefully) at Distilled as a ‘boomerang’. That is I worked here many moons ago as Head of PR and now in the immortal words of, well a million people in a million movies, “I’m back baby”.

One of the things I’ve learned over the years, working with smart people in hard-working teams is the tendency to try and run before you can walk. So, with the benefit of new experiences and hindsight, I’m gonna take you all back to the basics of PR and outreach (specifically contacting journalists) with a list of dos and don’ts.


Be human

When you’re in ‘getting shit done’ mode it can be easy to turn into a mega methodical machine - ticking through that to-do list and hammering out hacks to make you as efficient as can be.

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Share and Share Alike: The Secret to Making a Story Stick

Back in June I left the office behind to attend the debut Future of Comms conference in sunny East London. Shout out to the folks over at My News Desk who put on a stellar event, packed with a weighty line-up of comms professionals.

For me though, there was one star of the show.

Stephen Follows.jpg

Stephen Follows is a writer/producer over at Catsnake Film and one half of the duo responsible for ‘A Love Story in Milk’ - a short film which not only gained attention from none other than the United Nations but also racked up a bunch of awards and, to date, has had more than 1.5 million views.

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The Art of the Media Interview

One of the ultimate goals of the media relations facet of PR is to become the go-to person for interviews in your space. When the media starts coming to you for comment, you know your PR efforts are really paying off.

This post will consider the two most important elements of becoming a media go-to. In my opinion these are:

  1. Being visible.
  2. Being quotable.

The benefits of media relations can be vast and, if you get your PR efforts right, they’ll go a long way in building and maintaining your reputation, demonstrating authority and credibility, and creating a buzz around your company. Done well, media relations can give you the edge over your competitors and, to this end, the power of a strong media interview is not to be underestimated.


You can’t become a go-to spokesperson if journalists don’t know you exist. Alongside day-to-day PR and marketing activities, one of the key elements of being visible is creating a media page on your website.

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