Jess Champion

Head of PR

Originally hailing from Cornwall, Jess spent 7 years ‘up north’ where she learnt the meaning of the words “t’int in tin”. A lover of words, she once got called a ‘grammar pervert’ (and secretly liked it).

After studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in PR in Sheffield, Jess worked in a local government press office and was glad to find that it wasn’t much like The Thick of It at all. She moved to London to work in media relations for a children’s charity, before jumping at the chance to head up the PR offering at Distilled.

An avid reader, Jess has recently got over her e-reader snobbery and it’s not unusual to find her glued to her kindle. She is also a self-confessed Japanophile, lover of Korean cinema and Twin Peaks enthusiast.