Jess Champion

VP of London

Originally hailing from Cornwall, Jess is a lover of words who once got called a ‘grammar pervert’ (and secretly liked it). After studying for a Post Graduate Diploma in PR, Jess worked in a local government press office and was glad to find that it wasn’t much like the Thick of It at all. Since then she’s worked across the public, private and non-profit sectors - most recently as Head of Communications at a cancer charity - before jumping at the chance to come back to Distilled (did we mention she used to be Head of PR here too?) to head up the London office as VP.  An avid reader, Jess has recently got over her e-reader snobbery and it’s not unusual to find her glued to her kindle. Also a Twin Peaks enthusiast and part time rockabilly wannabe, by her own admission Jess probably has a few too many tattoos.