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New PPC Extensions and Why You Care

Even if you don’t know PPC like an expert, you have probably heard of the elusive ‘Quality Score.’ Simply, quality score (QS) is the grade between 1 and 10 that Google gives your keywords; 10 being absolutely perfect. It is determined primarily by the number of clicks v impressions on your ads, your Click Through Rate (CTR). You want a higher QS because it will lower your cost per click. 

Ad Extensions improve the click-appeal of your advert and increase usability for your potential visitor, as well as increase the amount of real estate your ad takes up compared to your competitors. They are one of the top recommendations I make during account reviews and are also listed in my 8 Spring Cleaning Necessities, meaning they aren’t used as frequently as they should be.

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Decrease Spend, Increase Conversions [Case Study]

One of my points last month in 8 PPC Spring Cleaning Necessities was to have the right geo-targeting. I pointed out where you can find which cities and states you are appearing in, and I mentioned briefly that you should create state-specific campaigns for the ones that are performing the best.  At Distilled we recommend two types of campaigns: the locally targeted campaign, and the nationally targeted campaign.

Local campaigns focus on a specific geographic area, normally around headquarters or storefronts. Keywords listed here don’t include the location name. Specifically for Nerds on Call, we have one local campaign targeted at Sacramento.

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It’s Time to Learn Paid Search (or Look for an Agency)

SEO and PPC stay pretty separate in the online marketing industry, it seems. I’ve answered a lot of questions about paid search and how it works, but the majority of the industry seems to discount the value paid search can bring to a website (maybe because paid links are so bad?). Sometimes prospective clients feel the need to ask for either SEO or PPC, or have no interest in paid search whatsoever. Well, it’s time we put the axe on needing to choose. Both are critical to reaching your business’ full potential through Google.

Miranda Miller at Search Engine Watch elaborated on a technical Google study about the role paid search plays in assisting organic results this past April (thanks, Miranda!). Yes, Google wants you to spend more on advertisements, of course.

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8 PPC Spring Cleaning Necessities

If you’ve just started running paid ads, or if even if you’ve been doing it for a while, there are always improvements that can be made: more keywords to target, bids to be changed, landing pages to be optimized. To help you get a fresh start on your account this spring, I’ve put together the most frequent recommendations I give during paid search audits.


We pair this with our Structure & Settings section, but really it could be an entire section all on its own because it’s so important. Here’s where to find your campaign split out by geographic location.

Let’s pretend this is your account.

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AdWords & AdSense Display Advertising: Watch This Space

Display advertising is getting a makeover! At the end of March Google announced they will soon launch a new Display Network tab to AdWords. They mention briefly how far display advertising has come, and now they are making it even better.

This is excellent news for us. Now we will have a Targeting Diagram to show us how different types of display targeting are overlapping, in addition to the new tab that provides keyword-specific data. Google calls it “Next-Gen Keyword Contextual Targeting” which presumably is only available due to the switch to the new privacy policy. With more knowledge of what is happening at the keyword level, we will be able to target our ads more efficiently and reduce waste in budgets.

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