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A WordPress Theme Change SEO Checklist

The internet is teaming with gorgeous webpages. These days it’s relatively easy to set up a website as many providers automate the entire process with bundled domain registration, hosting and one-click content management system (CMS) installation. Along with the crumbling technical barriers to entry the CMS theme development community has absolutely exploded with creative activity. WordPress in particular, commanding an impressive percentage of the world’s blogosphere, has a vibrant and infinitely expanding catalog of beautiful styles to choose from.So there is really no excuse for sticking with that default-slightly modified-’hey, it does the job’-’I’m more about substance’-’Why should I care about mobile users?’-WordPress theme you cobbled together back in college.

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Takeaways from Jonah Lehrer’s ‘Imagine’

It isn’t often that a book compels me to write a review, much less post that review here on the Distilled blog.  But while reading Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer I found myself pausing frequently to properly absorb the cornucopia of ‘ah-ha moments’ and frighteningly actionable nuggets of wisdom that seem to apparate on every other page.

Some of the insights in Imagine are so applicable to the world of web marketing, consulting and general business-bettering that I frequently found myself folding back the corners of pages, knowing that our community would benefit greatly from their implementation.

I’d like you to consider a few of your greatest marketing achievements online or otherwise. Was there a single moment of clarity, an insight where it all became clear and your next steps became obvious?

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How to Find and Keep Great Writers for Your Blog

As a web marketer you’re probably already familiar with the concept guest blogging. This “content for links” strategy works so well because both parties are receiving something truly valuable.  As the writer of the article you receive a link to your domain from a trusted source while the host site receives a chunk of (hopefully) quality content that may bring the site traffic, social shares and precious, precious links. We often give advice on to how to initiate this process from the perspective of the outreach specialist looking for a home for the article. Today I want to focus on the flip-side of that relationship.

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Timely Content in a World of Google Freshness

One of the most common recommendations a web consultant will make to a client is for a site to maintain a blog for generation of quality, on topic, keyword rich content.  Anyone reading this article has most likely written more than their share of Top Lists, How tos, and purposefully controversial articles but it seems many bloggers overlook what could be one of the tastiest link candies of them all: the humble news report.

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A Web Marketer’s Guide to Reddit

Disclaimer: Reddit’s relationship with the SEO/web-marketing community could best be described as ‘irreconcilable.’  Many Redditors take offense at the idea of agencies pumping garbage into their favorite subreddits and resent the fact that some have even stooped to buying Reddit votes.  At Distilled, many (most?) of us use Reddit on a daily basis and have been members of the community longer than we’ve been practicing SEO.  A select few of us are even Gold members!   In fact, I wouldn’t be writing this now if it weren’t for a Reddit post.

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