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Online Marketing & The Future of Television

It has been said that one can tell what a person values most by examining how they utilize their spare time.  If this is true then we (Americans in particular) place quite a bit of worth on our television shows.  You’ve probably seen statistics like these before but last year Nielsen estimated that Americans spend 34 hours a week watching television... that’s almost a full-time job!  And that doesn’t even include the 1 billion hours of video streaming that goes down every month on Netflix, with still more hours clocked on other platforms.

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How to find ALL THE LINKS to that cool thing you made

There are several reasons you’d want to find all of the URLs that point to one page or another. Consultants often like to report on referring domains to a target page or tool they’ve created and webmasters themselves always love getting that warm, fuzzy feeling that only a high authority link can bring (sorry honey!). The following are a few actionable tips that should allow you to find, you guessed it, ALL THE LINKS to that classy new landing page you’re tracking.


Method ONE - On-Page Script

There’s one sure-fire way to find almose ALL OF THE LINKS to your new online thingy and that’s placing some tracking code onto the page itself.

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The Perils of Exploiting Pop Culture to Sell Unrelated Things Online

Steve: “Guys. GUYS!  I’ve got it. The perfect piece of link bait for 2013!  Okay, okay so you know how everyone will be talking about the Xbox One and Sony’s Playstation 4 this Holiday season?  What if we did an infographic that explores the personality differences between an Xbox and a PS4 gamer?  It’ll be totally rad and super-timely!  We’ll have design make some funny doodles of stereotypical Xboxers and we’ll give statistics on how much each gives to charity and how likely they are to have children and what kind of cars they drive... and...”

Sarah: “Steve...”

Steve: [breathless] “What?!”

Sarah: “Steve, we sell home insurance.”

If we’re honest with ourselves I think most online marketers have been guilty of the same thoughts that Steve had above.

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Why Webmasters Make Great Consultants

webmasterWhen I started at Distilled almost two years ago I had exactly zero real-world business consulting experience. What I did have, though was a portfolio of personal web development projects of which I was the sole proprietor, creator and webmaster.  While some of these ventures were more successful than others the experience, understanding and scrappy marketing tricks I picked up along the way have continued to serve me well throughout my tenure here at Distilled.

Now you’re probably taking a second glance at the title of this article and thinking: “So is this just 1200 words of Jacob calling himself ‘great’ again?” The following is simply this:  In my time working with some of the best consultants in the business I’ve noticed that many, if not most of us dabble in our own web projects if and when we have the time.

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Beginner’s Guide to Google AdSense for Publishers


Google-Adsense-TipsWhile Distilled’s blog usually focuses on e-commerce, high level SEO and big-budget outreach I thought I’d mix it up this week and throw a little something to the hard-working AdSense publishers out there.  The following is a beginner’s guide to Google’s advertising network for publishers.  If you’ve been receiving checks from Google over the years it’s always advisable to take a step back and revisit some of the basics. Search engine exposure and organic traffic are great and all but we know you’re also ultimately interested in those dolla, dolla, bills.

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