Jacob Klein


Jacob spent the first 18 years of his life in the Columbia River basin of Washington State. In order to escape the confines of this rural existence he developed a healthy love affair with technology, especially preferring to explore the outside world through his dial-up internet connection.

His first foray into web design was a ‘wall of cute’ featuring pictures of tiny, adorable animals with a bit of colorful commentary thrown in. The girls he was hoping to attract didn’t seem to fall for it but, more fortunately, Time Magazine did notice and featured the site in their 2006 article “100 Cool Web Pages You Need to Know About“. From there, he started dabbling with more complicated code, forums and content management systems. Since then he’s created several web pages for himself and local businesses. Several of which have been very successful and are still live today thanks in large part to SEO and link building strategies.

Jacob lives just north of Seattle with his wife, Lili. Aside from web development, he enjoys working in his garden, snapping photos, playing his classical guitar and reading/watching anything fantasy. Most of all, he loves spending time with his wife and friends on a summer camping trip, trying Seattle’s amazing restaurants, or relaxing at home with a coke zero and some watching some quality programming on HBOGo.

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