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A Ticket With Your Name on It?

World-class speakers from companies like Google, Unbounce and SEER Interactive; a historic venue in the heart of London; partying into the wee hours… Plenty awaits us on October 27-28th when SearchLove hits the capital for two days of talks from some of the most inspirational leaders in the online marketing industry.

And with only five weeks left till we take our seats in the grand auditorium, we share five reasons you’ll want to be at SearchLove London.

1. The speakers will knock your socks off

As you read this, chances are our head of events, Lynsey Little, is working alongside our expert speakers to craft the most inspiring and information-packed presentations possible. This year the 18 sessions include the likes of Google’s Justin Cutroni, content marketing buff Molly Flatt, SEER’s Wil Reynolds, and Annie Cushing of Annielytics.

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The Changing Global Web

A farmer stands in a field in Kuwait, looking out across his herd. It’s time to start the daily grind. And so he pulls out his mobile phone, and photographs a sheep to sell on Instagram

This scenario is referenced in The Emerging Global Web, a slidedeck by Yiibu that gives an insight into the rising levels of internet access and mobile usage around the world. At 113 slides it’s a fairly hefty read so we’ve picked out some particularly interesting points to discuss with our Distilled readers.

Everyone is on mobile

We all know that mobile is big business these days. (Indeed, mobile now makes up 25% of all web usage, which is 14% higher than last year.) But what is interesting here is that mobile usage is especially high in developing countries.

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You Could be a Better Presenter, Here’s How

When Steve Jobs gave the graduation speech at Stanford University, the audience fell into an awe-like silence. He said nothing earth-shatteringly new. Yet his speech has gone down in history as one of the best commencement addresses of all time.

So, why do the words of some speakers resonate through the years? Read on for advice about how to deliver a knock-out presentation even if you’re not a born public speaker (who is?). Many of these tips are from our consultants who present at conferences around the world, as well as our very own SearchLove series.

I’ve divided the blog post into sections so you can skip straight to the parts that interest you, such as getting feedback, designing your slidedeck and tips for the day itself.

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Fingers on Buzzers | Quizzes from Around the Web

What Q features women in sequin dresses, revolving sports cars, and an audience ready to pass out from the excitement of being on camera? Quiz shows, of course!

Here at Distilled, we love to test our knowledge of online marketing. That’s why we’ve been rolling out some shiny new features for our online university, DistilledU. After completing a module, you can challenge your increased brain power with a multiple-choice test. Okay, so they’re not quite game shows. You have to clap your own correct answers and provide your own bow tie. But you do get to put your results up on a scoreboard to compare with your teammates. Ding ding!

With a love of testing in mind, here’s a list of our favourite quizzes and tests from around the web:

Test yourself on SEO

Exactly how mighty are your SEO-skills? Thanks to Moz, we can find out once and for all with this 15 minute test.

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6 Reasons to Join us at SearchLove

It’s six weeks until the first speaker takes to the stage at SearchLove San Diego, ready to share their freshest and most inspiring insights with a room full of ambitious online marketers. Will you be among them?  

If you’re yet to grab your ticket, take a look at these six reasons why you don’t want to miss our two-day conference this September 11-12.

1) The speakers will blow you away

Moz’s Rand Fishkin, Krista Seiden of Google, search heavyweight Wil Reynolds, video expert Chris Savage...these are just some of the industry leaders presenting.

We spend months seeking out the smartest, most inspiring minds to pump you up with new ideas and advanced strategies. Plus, our single-track setting means you needn’t miss a minute.

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