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Should the Government do More to Protect Online Privacy?

Last week, computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee called for a bill of rights to help protect internet users from surveillance. But how helpful would this be? Should the government really do more to protect online privacy?   

“We need to update our governance structures” “It’s classic personal reputation management”
Adam Monago, Head of Digital Strategy for ThoughtWorks

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Whose Data is it Anyway? The Rise of the Digital Ombudsman

This guest post comes from Adam Monago, Head of Digital Strategy at ThoughtWorks.

Marketers are collecting more and more data all the time. The question is: What are they doing with it all?

The last decade has seen an explosion of customers analytics coming from social media conversation, web search and email - businesses have needed to adapt fast to include these channels in their strategies. The rise of a new profession, digital marketing, comes amidst a lackluster track record of marketing demonstrating business value to executives; a recent McKinsey Survey had 72% of CEOs reporting that their marketing departments continued to ask for more money with no evidence of business value. At the same time, we continue to see new business models built on top of popular digital platforms and businesses rise and fall based on insights gleaned via social listening.

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Is the Internet Making Us More Intelligent as a Society?

This week the internet turned 25. Hard to imagine a time without it, huh? But how much is it doing to expand our minds and share knowledge? Is the internet really making us more intelligent?

“The internet makes those giants easier to find” “It is quietly eroding our ability to memorise information”

Will Critchlow, Founder of Distilled

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What Does the Distilled ‘Voice’ Sound Like?

I recently launched a new guide called ‘Finding Your Brand’s Voice’, which aims to help companies pin down an effective way of communicating to their customers.

While I tried to make the guide as practical and easy-to-use as possible, at times I felt aware of the pesky gap between theory and practice. In turn, this blog gives a more personal account of the challenges I’ve faced in my own work, and shares some of the things I’ve learnt so far.

I started working as Distilled’s Copy Editor in July of last year. The job advert had called for someone to ‘own the voice of Distilled’, a role which would require me to shape and document a particular way of writing.

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Stolen Moose Heads: An Interview with innocent

In the last few weeks I’ve been putting together a new guide for our Distilled audience: Finding Your Brand’s Voice. It offers practical and detailed advice on how a company can shape its own tone of voice in order to project a unique and consistent persona.

As part of researching the guide, I carried out a couple of interviews with writers at companies whose copy I admire. It might not come as a massive surprise that UK drinks brand innocent was at the top of my list.

Writer Lucie Bright kindly obliged. Here are some of Lucie’s thoughts on language, honesty, and bizarre party antics. 

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