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Are You Losing Business on Twitter?

Our friends at Brandwatch recently performed an experiment to find out how well brands were doing on Twitter. Were they meeting their customers’ expectations? Or were they doing more harm than good?

The results were pretty staggering.

Here’s Iris from Brandwatch with insights into typical missed opportunities and advice on how we can all get better at winning over customers on Twitter.  

“Brands ignore 95% of all non-tagged complaints.”

With more than 284 million monthly active users, and more than 500 million tweets sent every day, it’s no surprise that brands are increasingly adopting Twitter into their social customer care.

Unfortunately, achieving customer success on Twitter requires more than claiming an account and chiming in the new web traffic. Even the world’s biggest brands have found themselves less successful than expected. 

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How to Master Social Listening: Lessons from IKEA

This guest post comes from Marcus Beard at Brandwatch. Read on for a case study on the company’s work with IKEA.  

The best solutions to company-wide issues are unavoidable and impossible to ignore.

With the ability to break down a bedside table into three slot-together pieces, IKEA appear to possess the engineering prestige usually reserved for NASA and CERN. One might imagine their ingenuity with beds and wardrobes is mirrored for all parts of the business: from human resources to customer services to social media marketing.

However, while IKEA has been known for engaging social campaigns, the enthusiasm for social media has traditionally failed to spread across the business.

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News Reporting in the Age of Social Media

Rasha is a video maker whose depiction of war-torn Syria has become a YouTube hit. You may well have seen her satirical videos that comment on life in her city of Aleppo where she’s unable to go to school because of the unfolding destruction. She’s just nine years old.

More and more, people like Rasha are sharing information online and – in doing so – are affecting the way the rest of the world forms an understanding of a conflict or situation. Indeed, social media is increasingly becoming a key part of global news reporting; it provides a vast network of sources of information and contacts that simply weren’t available before. Reporters on the ground can use real-time messages to get the latest information on an area – for example, whether a street is safe to travel down.

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How to Drive More Sales with Google Shopping Campaigns

This guest post was written by Elena Terenteva, Senior Content Marketing Manager at SEMrush, a competitive research software that provides data on competitors’ online marketing activities.  

More sales and revenue, gosh, that’s every online retailer’s dream.

For that to happen, though, you need people to visit your product pages.

But how do you get more eyes on them if the majority of channels are either too unpredictable or are overly competitive in terms of SEO? Or simply don’t offer enough ability to showcase a product, like text-based PPC ads?

Enter Product Listing Ads (PLAs) – Google’s way to advertise products, not your business.

As PLAs are now being integrated with Shopping Campaigns, this is a good time to refresh what they are and how they could help you drive sales.

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You’ve Won! An Interview on Running Competitions

Competitions hold huge potential to engage an audience, and to do something fun and fresh with your brand. But many of us online marketers shy away from them, not knowing enough about how they work.

Well, Iain Haywood is here to give us the low-down. Founder of The Competition Agency, Iain has bags of experience in running competitions for brands around the world.

He’ll be talking in more detail about running competitions at SearchLove London, our two-day online marketing conference which is taking place in less than a week’s time (October 27-28th).

If you haven’t already done so, book your spot here. 

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