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Is the Internet Making Us Less Sociable?

This week we’ve ditched our computer screens in favour of real-life interaction at a few events going on at Driftrock’s Old Street London pop-up shop. It got us thinking about different forms of interaction and the part the internet plays in all this. What do you think? Is the internet making us less sociable as a society?

“it’s unlikely we’re having meaningful encounters”

“we’re connecting with more people”

Harriet Cummings, Copy Editor

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iAcquire Co-CEO Talks Google Authorship

We invited Joe Griffin, Co-CEO and Co-Founder at iAcquire, to share his thoughts on the significance of Google Authorship and what this means for businesses.

What is Google Authorship? Why is it important for search and branding?

Google Authorship is a digital authentication process that allows Google to link published web content to the specific author who created the content. It essentially enables Google to determine who authored something, not just where something is published. Contributors to your site can authenticate content on their Google+ profile. Brands can tie content to influential writers. This connectivity adds credibility to your content and enhances amplification of your messaging.

How have Google’s trust signals evolved in the past five years, and what can businesses do to capitalize on the evolution?

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Hello London! Come Along to our Digital Learning Hub

Having joined forces with Driftrock, we’re hosting a couple of free events at a pop-up space by Old Street station. We’d like to invite local businesses to come chat with our consultants over a beer, get some expert advice, and hear our speakers share some wisdom at our meetup.

Oh and in case this wasn’t crystal clear, everything is free.

We see the events as a chance to get to know a few new faces and say hello to our old friends too. In such a fast-paced industry, we’re keen to offer some help and insights to businesses wanting to improve their online marketing efforts.

So, what’s on?

‘Stuck in the Middle with U-ser Experience’

6:30pm-9pm, Wednesday 23rd April

Come hear two of our expert consultants speak on their specialist topics.

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Bacon Mouthwash: How to Pull Off an April Fool’s Prank

This blog comes from Beverley Reinemann, one of Distilled’s own Outreach Specialists. 

I know what you’re thinking.  

Ok, not really, I’m not that good...


I’ll rephrase.  

I know what you’re probably thinking: putting your time, effort and money into creating a marketing campaign centered around a big, fat lie is a waste of time, right? I mean, why would you lie to your customers? Wouldn’t that harm the brand image you’ve worked so hard at maintaining?

Yes, maybe. I mean, flat out lying to potential clients is something I’d pretty much always advise against. After all, you’re a business and you want to do right by your clients.

But there’s one day of the year when it’s actually ok to bend the truth a bit: April Fool’s Day.

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Should I Jump on the Bitcoin Bandwagon?

For this week’s debate, we tackle the issue of Bitcoins. Two members of the Distilled team discuss whether they’d consider jumping on the bandwagon (please note, this is not meant as financial advice!) 

“there are numerous advantages” “inefficient as a currency”

Tom Anthony, Distilled Consultant 

Tom Capper, Distilled Analyst 

Yes! Crypto-currencies are a fundamental shift away from the established model, which scares people, but there are numerous advantages.

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