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Why Content Marketers are Right to Hate on SEOs

Do you self-identify (or have you previously self-identified) as an SEO?

If so you likely won’t be too surprised to hear that you’re ‘unpopular’ in the content marketing world. In truth I’d suggest that unpopular doesn’t come close to covering it. You might in fact be more accurately described as the red-headed stepchild of the content marketing world.

3415077023_2a47d51dbc_b How the Content Marketing Industry sees us SEOs:
Red-headed stepchildren (in this instance we’re in creepy doll form). No one likes us.


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Centralised vs Localised Social Media Presences for International Brands

When marketing an international company the old adage ‘think global, act local’ is often coined; but does the same ring true for social media? I was recently asked by a client to make some recommendations on how to handle their social media presence given their international audience; and I thought that I’d also share my thinking on this here.

Essentially the client was asking whether they should have a single central account, or have accounts for each of their individual markets. As with most questions of this sort, there’s not necessarily a single ‘right’ answer. It really depends on each individual company’s situation - for example:

Is there a compelling reason to suggest that more than one single social account on each platform is required?

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Why Content Marketing Pwns Zombies, Bacon & Cats

As online marketers we know what the internet loves to link to and share.

In no particular order it probably looks something like this - zombies, bacon, cats, consipiracy theory, controversy, drama... and erm sex. I spoke recently on this very topic at Think Visibility (incidentally - you can see my slide deck here). NB - I elected not to speak about sex in order to save both my own blushes and that of the audience.

The problem of course, is that whilst this sort of content (when done well) attracts lots of links and social shares, most companies have no desire to place this sort of content on their websites.

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Conversion Rate Optimisation & User Experience - Distilled Meet-Up, 12th July

For our third London based meet-up, the focus was Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) and User Experience (UX). For those who couldn’t make it / left their notes on the night bus home - panic not - here’s a round up of the key takeaways from our speakers. Enjoy :)


The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Conversion Optimisers - Stephen Pavlovich, Conversion Factory
Stephen outlines the seven habits that are essential to get rapid results in conversion optimisation.

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Minimum Viable SEO for Start Ups

Should all start ups be doing SEO?

It depends on the start up; but I think there’s really good reasons why all start ups should probably invest a little time and resource into SEO from the beginning... but just how much... or how little?

Within this post I’m going outline what I think the ‘Minimum Viable SEO for Start Ups’ looks like.

What do I mean by ‘Minimum Viable SEO’? -

The minimum viable SEO is the amount of activity which yields the maximum benefit with the least effort.

Why the need for ‘minimum viable SEO’?

SEO often isn’t a priority for start ups.

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