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Doing the right thing - get the SEOmoz discount for our Linkbuilding seminars

When we announced the pricing for our 2 link building seminars (London and New Orleans) we included a discounted price for all SEOmoz pro members. SEOmoz, and their members have been incredibly good to Distilled and we want to repay them whenever we can.

The discount code meant that SEOmoz Pro Members got a £100 saving for the London seminar (£299 instead of £399), and a $150 saving for our New Orleans seminar ($450 instead of $600).

After we had launched the prices SEOmoz launched a promotion to win lifetime pro membership (now ended) and started offering a free trial of their awesome software. Anyone, can signup and get a free month of membership, which includes access to the discount code for our seminars.

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Introduce us to someone awesome and get a helicopter.

Today we are putting our money where our mouth is and giving you a chance to win goodies for introducing us to someone awesome.

Fricking Helicopter

Image via ardrone.parrot.com

As you’ll no doubt be aware we are always looking to hire awesome SEO consultants. Finding, hiring and training consultants is absolutely critical to ensure we are constantly improving what we offer to our clients, and is key to keeping everyone at Distilled on their toes and learning.

We are aiming to build an environment that is the best place for the best people to work. We aren’t there yet, but we like to set ourselves lofty goals and we are constantly looking for ways to make this goal come true.

We are looking for super smart, super awesome people who instantly get on with everyone.

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Yandex: the best search engine in the world?

Somehow, Yandex, the well known Russian search engine has launched in the UK with very little fanfare. Please forgive me for getting this post up quickly. There is a lot of research I’d like to do before I make to many conclusions, but since when has research got in the way of a good story!

If you like your search engine to have a minimalist homepage, then you’ll love Yandex.

Yandex homepage

Yandex homepage

After a very brief play I’m incredibly impressed at the relative lack of spam and the quality of the results that are being returned.

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Introducing Kate Morris - The “Yank” is Here

Its been less than two months since we announced that we were to open Distilled Consulting, our American wing.

Our new office is now open, and Rob has moved to Seattle where he’s been busy with some great clients and with recruiting an expert SEO team. We’re proud to announce our first new member: Kate Morris has joined the Distilled team as an SEO Consultant.

Kate joins us after a year on her own as an independent search marketing consultant. Kate is a speaker on the conference circuit with shows like PubCon, SMX London / East, and Affiliate Summit East / West under her belt.

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Distilled are hiring, are you our next sociable geek?

Its only been a couple of weeks since we announced that we were opening an office in Seattle. The last couple of weeks have been a hive of activity and there is a definite buzz in the air at Distilled HQ.

Over the next week or so I’ll be posting a handful of new jobs at Distilled. If you have always wanted to work with us, then now is a great opportunity to join.

The first person we are looking for is an experienced SEO Consultant to join the team in our London office. Incidentally, we also have a couple of roles in our new Seattle office.

We have ambitious plans for growth, so if you want to be a part of that, I suggest that you check out the roles available and apply.

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