Duncan Morris

Founder and Chairman

Duncan founded Distilled with Will in 2005.

Duncan was CEO of Distilled for just over 5 years before he handed the reins to Will in 2014. Duncan is now Chairman, a non-executive role that, amongst other tasks, chairs the Distilled advisory board.

The remainder of his time is spent working with Tom Anthony bolstering Distilled's investment in R&D. For Duncan this is a return to his computer science roots. Duncan studied Computer Science at Glasgow, specialising in database design. He then worked for a large insurance company where he specialised in data warehouse architecture. 

More about Duncan

Duncan is married to Suzi and they have a son, Edward, a daughter, Jessica and a dog named Brewster. When not chasing around after kids and pets, Duncan plays and coaches squash as well as running a code club at the local primary school.

Although not much of a writer, Duncan can be found on Twitter, LinkedIn and G+.

Duncan Morris relaxing in the office.