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What is a Title Tag & How to Make Them Incredible

The humble title tag. Probably the single most important 50-60 characters of that piece of content you’ve written. 

Perhaps you’ve found this post because you’ve spent hours pouring your soul into a piece of writing and now you’ve realised people will only read it if you write a good 50-60 characters. Or maybe it’s just that your boss told you that he needs quick wins for your product pages and so you’re turning in desperation to the ol’ title tag. Writing a good title tag is part art, part science.  How do you do it?

We’ll start with some quick basics for beginners. If you’re looking for the split test results, fun processes & all the more advanced things, scroll down two sections. Nothing to see here.


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Do it Yourself SEO Split Testing Tool With Causal Impact

Get the Tool

We’ve got a new tool to share! This tool allows you to measure the effect of any SEO split tests you might run on your website. You can find it here. This post will walk you through how to use it, but before we do that, let’s jump back a step:

What is an SEO split test?

An SEO split test is where you make a change to your website on a subset of particular page template to see how those pages perform differently to the other half.

For example, you might change the title tags on 50% of your product pages and see how they perform compared to the other half.

This is different from a CRO split test, where you show users different versions of the SAME page.

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A Complete Guide to Log Analysis with Big Query

(For some people the timestamp converter wasn’t working properly, that should now be fixed.)

Curious about log analysis? This guide will cover everything from why you should do it, to getting logs, uploading and analysing them.

Will you need any programming skill to follow this? No, but we’ll provide some options for those who do.

Will you already need to know SEO? Yes. If you don’t then hopefully the why will be interesting to you, but log analysis is no good by itself. To take advantage of all the information it’s giving you, you’ll need to know your SEO basics and be able to crawl and understand the possible problems it will highlight.

What’s the TL;DR for this article? You should use analyse logs to gain valuable insights about how Google crawls and views your site, discover and monitor errors and  prioritise decisions, by using BigQuery your analysis will be easy and repeatable and you can use all the amazing queries we already wrote.

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5 Common Schema Problems and What You Can Do about Them

This post is going to go over five common problems you might come across when you start to dig into and actually apply schema.  

Structured data looks is starting to look like the future of the web. It’s been around for awhile now and is slowly becoming more common. Search engines like Google and Bing are driving the adoption and are providing the primary benefits for us, as marketers, to implement.

There’s been a lot of great content already written on structured data, Google’s own documentation has got substantially better over the past few months as well.

If you’ve never come across structured data before, then you should go and watch this video, as it’s an excellent place to start. I’ve also provided a short explanation structured data below, in case you just need a brief recap.

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