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What is Neuromarketing and how does it relate to SEO?

Why did you choose to come to this page?

Short answer is I don’t know, and you’d probably have a hard time explaining it too. I could probably make educated assumptions, but like many of you, I like to see solid proof of concept - less talk, more action.

Hopefully I’ve got your attention for the next 10 minutes, so grab a coffee or tea and let me introduce you to the brilliance of neuromarketing and how it’s going to change everything and how it relates to the future of SEO.

I made the transition from traditional marketing where most reporting and research was inherently flawed and it always felt like I was guessing...to online marketing where most business decisions can be backed up by cold hard numbers.

However, all the metrics (clicks, bounce rate, etc..) still don’t tell me why.

For years the only way marketers could gain this kind of intelligence was by asking the consumers directly (focus groups, surveys), but there’s one fatal flaw with this type of information.

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Hey MC Hammer, you should come to London for Searchlove!

Hey Hammer,

I know this sounds crazy, but when I heard you were launching a search engine I thought you were crazy too. Crazy = originality and in my opinion we need more of it :)

A bit about me:

I’m Dave, 28, Canadian living in London, and love working for what I think is one of the coolest SEO agencies in the world. Yes, I dressed up as MC Hammer when I was 8 for Hallowe’en and I even had the Hammertime notebook I used in class.

Why I’m writing to you:

I want you to come to my company’s conference (SearchLove) in London, UK on Monday & Tuesday 24th/25th October. I know it’s a tight schedule but we’d love to have you! If you can’t make it to the conference, we could do a live video Q&A session, or even a Twitter session with some of the most important folks in search (read on to find out who I’m talking about).

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Catch Will & Dave speaking at A4U London (18-19 October)

Testing, please ignore

I’ve always heard great things about A4U Expo, and this year I’m extremely honored and privileged to be speaking with a great group led by Samuel Crocker.

Have to say I feel pretty lucky to be sharing a stage with Martin Bejik, Kelvin Newman & Sam Crocker where we’ll be sharing our knowledge about Internet Sleuthing and some other clever ideas regarding your competitors...

I could easily say that the session I wouldn’t miss is “The Science of Influence & Engagement” by Will Critchlow, Kelvin Newman and Stephen Pavlovich.

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Reputation Management - Tactics that still work

What is reputation management? Specific to SEO and in laymen’s terms it’s about removing negative listings from search results for specific keywords.

All of what’s been detailed here has been tested within the last 3 months (the age of Panda) and has worked for me.

Use the navigation links below to fly through this post:

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The ImportXML Guide for Google Docs

The Importxml guide for Google Docs has been written to primarily empower SEOs, SEMs and digital professionals across the world to create their own tools.  Inspiration, innovation and all around ingenuity can be attributed to the talented engineers at Google for bringing us this invaluable service. Next time you speak to a Googler, show them some love.

This guide is suitable for absolute beginners to the diabolically clever coders that will no doubt expand on what they learn here. If you’re looking for advanced level Google docs, Tom Critchlow created a full video guide on Appsumo. Enough talk, let’s get it on...

Chapter 1 - Prerequisites - How to look at source code and interpret HTML

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