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Google Analytics API made easy - Google docs Magic Tutorial

Update (May 30th 2014) The new Google spreadsheets have replaced the script gallery with add-ons, so you won’t be able to install the Magic script from Gdocs. You’ll need to copy paste the original script which can be found here into your script editor. 

Even if you’re not familiar with the Google Analytics API, chances are that you’ve probably needed access. Maybe it’s because you need 5000 results from the GA interface, but your browser keeps crashing. Maybe you need more than 5000 URLs and you’re not in the mood to hack the URL in order to get it. Or maybe you just wish that you could perform month over month growth calculations quick and easily.

Well, today’s tutorial is about showing you how to get the data you need quick and easily - even if you don’t know your variables from your arrays.

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Advanced SEO troubleshooting: Why isn’t this page indexed?

UPDATED: APRIL 3RD 2013 Some of you seasoned pros will likely find this post of n00b status, but chances are that you’ve made a silly mistake at one point (or two) in your SEO career. This happened to me and a few of my esteemed colleagues, so I decided that it was time for a bit of a refresher, or a “basics” kick in the butt. If a page isn’t indexed in 2013, we can blame it on one of the following:

  • Specific directives
  • Google’s almighty boot (algorithmic or manual)
  • Site architecture issues (orphaning pages isn’t cool, give your pages a family)
In this post, we’re only going to go over the directives that can yank a page out of the index, or rather never let it appear in the first place. We’ll start with the blatantly obvious, and then work our way to sneakier stuff. Just in case you don’t know how to check if a page is indexed:

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Proxy server essential information for SEO’s

The internet is notorious for tracking users, from behaviour to the finer details of who we are. Sometimes, we just don’t want to disclose our identity and protect our privacy. While proxy servers are no secret to most of the technically inclined, there are still many users who lack the knowledge to access them.

With the help of Paul Rosenthal, CEO of Trusted Proxies (a damn good proxy expert, and all around great guy), I hope to give you enough knowledge to become inquisitive and hopefully give these services a try. All of the answers were kindly written by Paul, and if you’d like to find out more please do so in the comments.

Please use the quick jump to links below to skip to the information you need

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Google ccTLDs and associated Languages & codes Reference Sheet

Current as of Dec 13th 2013

My theory is simple. If you’re going to do International SEO on a global scale, do it properly and get the right information. My theory also states that the company who is most likely to have all of this information up to date is Google.

I wasn’t able to find a comprehensive list of languages spoken per country, per ccTLD - so I researched it myself and now going to give this away.

Here’s the deal, you find a legitimate mistake or contribute to keeping this table / spreadsheet download up to date - and I will give you a link crediting you as a contributor.Fair?

Please only offer corrections if they apply to Google TLDs. This list is only identifying what languages Google uses per international top level domain.

Download the FULL Excel version here

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SEO Diagnosis for non SEOs

Note: This post was formerly called SEO Diagnosis Dinosaur, but I’ve recently changed it (2013 - Jan) because it was dumb :)

Professional SEO agencies receive quite a few enquiries when something goes wrong. Maybe you’ve noticed a traffic drop or something funny in search results, then panic sets in, and you call an SEO agency for help.

A doctor could diagnose your illness much faster if you gave him specific information, the same goes for SEO consultants who might spend working hours figuring out something you should have told them from the start.

The SEO Diagnosis Dinosaur (the tool below in this post) will run through a sample set of questions and checks that you should be doing before you contact professionals. By going through the list of questions, and clicking on the output button - we’ll auto-magically give you the information you need to give to an SEO.

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