Claire Fuller

Office Manager & Finance Assistant

A California stray known to occasionally slip up and say “hella” unironically, Claire was adopted by the Distilled team as their Office Manager and Finance Assistant in November 2018.  She has an educational background in business management and bookkeeping, and hands-on experience in cat-herding for small businesses. At Distilled, she now acts as the office mom/receipt dragon/paperwork maven. She is dreadful at Mario Kart, but hopes to improve soon.

A non-self-proclaimed contrarian, she enjoys being a homebody with her two ungrateful house demons cats, but loves traveling the world every chance she gets. She dyed some of her hair in rainbow colors in protest of her hideous college graduation tassel color (it was beige) and has never stopped. She loves everything to do with food and dancing, and is (still) working on a screenplay adaptation of a pirate novel.