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4 Signs You Should Invest in SEO Now

1. Dead Pages with Links

What it is: Sites regularly go through changes but along the way old URLs get left behind. This is normal but if the old URLs were often linked to a huge amount of your ability to rank in Google is pointed at dead end pages where those links can’t pass their value.

How you check it: Go to Open Site Explorer and search for your domain. Select the top pages report and look for pages that have external links and a 400 level HTTP status.


How you fix it: Create a full top page report then export the list to a CSV.

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The No BS Guide to Start Doing SEO at Your Business

I’ve been fortunate enough to run SEO projects from small startups all the way to Fortune 500 companies and I can tell you from experience it is never easy to begin doing SEO as a business. The reality is that there is so much information out there that for anyone trying to take the first steps you are guaranteed to waste effort in areas that won’t produce results.

Confusing Road Sign

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Every SEO project ever conceived started with the desire for results, that number one ranking in Google for an extremely competitive term or massive “unpaid” traffic. This is a good thing but also typically where big problems start. Now that you’ve dedicated the time and budget what do you do next?

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At Some Point I Stopped Doing SEO and Started Management Consulting

I originally got into SEO because the idea of creating massive amounts of traffic for a website out of thin air was the most exciting thing I could imagine. It felt like being a superhero. That idea has since matured but the desire to affect huge change on web business has never died. A management consulting approach has come out of this drive for big results, today more than ever web businesses rely on complex teams of people working in unison. Changing websites like this is about affecting change with people.

There is a massive need to understand how businesses operate online

There was an interesting phenomenon I’ve seen as I’ve worked on websites from the one man shops all the way up to biggest brands in the world; they all are struggling to find certainty in how to invest into online platforms.

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Get Better At The Internet: 17 Pro Tips For Every Industry

There are a lot of cool things happening on the internet these days, learning and understanding why these strategies are powerful will create opportunities in your own industry. Just because you run a blog doesn’t mean you can’t learn from sites like Zappos and Yelp and vice versa.

Blogs and Publishers

1. Create content that engages your users not content that promotes you. It seems very simple but how many company blogs do you run across that clearly have a company slant so blatant that no real person would actually engage with it. Think about what your potential users would be fascinated with and create that. Excellent examples:

    • Cut Brooklyn a handmade knife maker told his own story about getting into creating knives and what it takes to make them excellent. It clearly breaks the mold of “knife related content” but it demonstrates a perfect example of creating content your audience will love.

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Think You Can’t Go Viral? Bull****

I don’t think it’s a secret anymore that viral content can do great things for a website, but then why are so few sites doing it well? When talking to businesses about why they aren’t content marketing the same reasons have been coming up time and again. So I have decided I’m going to smash those objections like a touchdown celebration with your grandmother’s china. To do this let’s define viral content for my purposes, Dr. Pete did a fantastic job explaining why your content really isn’t viral:

  1. Great Content Has Credibility
  2. Great Content Takes Real Effort
  3. Great Content Is Actionable
  4. Great Content Begs to Be Shared
Dig it? Producing something great takes a lot of extra effort, but that cost pales in comparison to the rewards. Get feedback from someone who will tell you the truth, is what you’re doing right now really meeting these lofty standards?

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