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The Doctor Will See You Now: In conversation with Content Strategist, James Gunter

Doctor Who fanatic, bourbon swiller and content strategy buff. These are just a few of the things we know about content strategist James Gunter.

Catching up with Gunter in his Salt Lake City dwelling, TARDIS themed mug in hand, we caught up with the strategist for a bit of a tête-à-tête on Google algorithms, the future of content strategy and Peter Capaldi.  

Content strategy then. It can always feel a little tricky to pin down exactly what it is, eh? Hannah’s post earlier this month took the subject head on posing that it’s essentially “a high level vision, tied to a specific objective which is really at the heart of any good content strategy”. So what does Gunter think? “For me, content strategy is about ensuring a consistent content journey for users through their experience.

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7 Places to Look for Keywords (That aren’t Google AdWords Keyword Tool)

For a long time now, Google has offered one of the most used free tools for keyword research with information on popularity, competition and suggestion variations. Originally tied to Adwords, the Keyword research tool worked to try and help people better understand Adwords. More recently however, this has become more closely integrated with the platform and they’ve since rebranded it to the Adwords planner. Sadly a lot of the useful research functionality has also been stripped away.

So with our Wordstream Keyword Research webinar just around the corner, we thought we’d offer up some alternatives and whet your appetite ahead of next Tuesday’s event. Here are seven other possibilities to head to other than Google Adwords Keyword Planner.

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The Only Way is Up: This Week’s DistilledLive Video

This week we’re pretty excited to be hosting the very first DistilledU Masterclass.

During this jam-packed day, our expert consultants will give an introduction to search marketing at a central London venue.

Here’s Bridget Randolph and Tom Anthony to explain it all a bit better…

You can read more on the upcoming classes over here as well as reserve your spot in advance.

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A Whistle-Stop Tour of Content Marketing Goals

This guest post comes from Amanda Gallucci, Associate Content Strategist at iAcquire.

Whether you are implementing a content strategy in-house or for a client, you can’t measure success without having goals.

So what business goals should your content be fulfilling, and what numbers matter to you? Well-known brands might find social shares to be vanity metrics but really care about how many conversions can be linked to content. To contrast, smaller brands might simply want to get their name out there and would be far more focused on how their content is creating awareness of their company’s product or service.

When you have clear guidelines for the purpose of your content and it’s intended outcome, it will be far easier to know if your content is generating a positive return on your investment.

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A Collective Approach to Content Creation, this week’s DistilledLive video

Hot on the tails of our last guide on brand tone of voice, we’re busy working on another training resource on how to create focused content. It only seemed fitting, then, to ask our Content Coordinator (and one of the brains behind the project) Kyra Kuik to host this week’s DistilledLive on that very subject.  

In the video below, Kyra gives us the lowdown on the structure of a content team and who’s really responsible for all those internal tasks, as well as a number of tools to help you track those different campaigns.

You can read the full transcript just here.

Over to you, dear reader

Who is responsible for establishing goals and devising strategies in your team?

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