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2015: The Year of Connected Living

Nowadays there are so many things vying for our attention. What if they could all just be a little less needy and a little more, well, smart? Smart medicine bottles that would take care of the tiresome repeat prescription requests or smart traffic signals that would make the commute into work a breeze? Well, it’s not really all that far from home, with 2015 being penned the year of “connected living”.

Just a few weeks ago, Amazon announced a new product available to buy in the US called Echo. The product video, essentially a rather cutesy look into the all American home, serves up a honeyed view of how one robot can go from jotting down the shopping lists, to “becoming part of the family”, and all with the handy trigger wake word of “Alexa” to activate voice commands.

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This is SearchLove

Excited for our next online marketing conference? This trailer will give you a flavour of what the two-day event is really all about. 

And who better to talk you through the idea behind our conference series than Head of Events and Marketing, Lynsey Little and Distilled founder, Will Critchlow?

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Music Make Me Lose Control: A Modern Day Music Fan’s Tool Kit

“The times they are a-changin,” Bob Dylan once sang through a nasal drawl. And you only have to look at princess of pop Taylor Swift’s recent spat with streaming service Spotify to see how this has panned out in 2014. So as Swift leaves streaming services standing forlorn at the altar in a bid to take her catalogue back under her own control, is the relationship looking any rosier for tech and music in general?

This post is part of our Web Summit series where we take a look at the emerging trends in technology that are shaping the way we live and work. Sign up to our email list to make sure you don’t miss the next one.

Streaming certainly isn’t going anywhere despite Swift’s noble efforts to remove herself from the playing field.

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Pinterest: Not Just Interior Design & Cats - There’s Real Money To Be Had

This month’s guest post on all things social comes from Marketing Insights Analyst, Natalie Meehan. Natalie has worked in marketing for almost a decade, and forms part of Brandwatch’s marketing insights team - writing reports and other content about all things social. She keeps a big, well-stocked tin of sweets on her desk at all times.

Think Pinterest, and you might think it’s just a platform for perving over rainbow layered cakes, or watching people try and fail at recreating hairstyles that require scaffolding and a week off work to achieve.

The thing is, Pinterest is a whole lot more than that.

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The Long and Short of Responsive Design

This is a guest post from Corey Eastman of design and development whizz kids, Climax Media, the enterprise web architect agency who help both large enterprises and funded startups innovate through connected web platforms. When conjuring up ideas for our Creative month here on the blog, we couldn’t think of a better bunch to rope in than these guys, the experts behind a whole slew of great blue papers.

Read on for the low-down on changes in responsive design and what these mean for your business.

While design can be hard to quantify as an investment, responsive web design has literally paid off for some companies. For example, when Walmart Canada implemented a responsive web design to their website, they increased conversions by 20% and mobile orders by a whopping 98%.

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