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Never Forgotten (Online)

So last night I made my BBC Newsnight debut discussing Reputation Management and the impact of the new European Union strategy for dealing with personal data online. See it here on the BBC iplayer


Caitlin Krumdieck on BBC Newsnight

Yay I’m famous!

In addition to getting a wonderful mention of Distilled on the BBC , I also managed to explain some of the difficulty around Reputation Management and why the EU strategy is not a fix-all solution. Here are some of the highlights:

The European Union Strategy or Right to Be Forgotten

The main points of this strategy are:

1) To provide clearer information around how people can remove images and text about themselves on social media sites and to provide more transparency around what is public information and what is ‘private’

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Distilled Summer Hours

In our effort to continue to make Distilled a great and productive place to work, we have decided to trial a summer hours scheme. The summer hours scheme is a form of flexible working time that is currently offered at a number of agencies and large corporations across the UK and the US. For example, Kellogg’s have run a similar scheme for more than 6 years and have seen a great success from it.

Distilled has decided to try out our first summer hours scheme for 8 weeks, from 9 July to 27 August.

The basic equation:

An extra 45 min of work Monday – Thursday =

½ day on Friday (afternoons off)

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Who Rules the Web: The Royal Court of Search

I realised the other day that the internet is a lot like mediaeval England. The power that some of the top people online hold is really similar to the old school ruling system.

Someone like Matt Cutts has so much power over the entire lives and livelihoods of so many people, and you practically have to appeal to get an audience with him so he can decide the fate of your website - sounds pretty feudal to me!

Read on to see where everyone else fits in...

Thanks so much to Leonie for her awesome design skillz!

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What’s it Worth to Ya?

In my role at Distilled, I am usually the first point of contact for new clients, and inevitably I am also the person who lets them know how big a dent our fantastic service will make in their wallet. This usually starts a conversion regarding realistic expectations, return on investment and assurance that we are not committing highway robbery. While most of the potential clients I speak to understand that they need search marketing, many don’t understand the amount it might cost to invest in something that is going to provide strong and sustainable results. As someone who has worked in both online and offline marketing related jobs, I thought I would write a blog post or two that shines some light on the value of online marketing and why it really is worth that little bit more for a great campaign. My first post is going to discuss the ever-important themes of ROI, targeting and value for money. I know all of these are popular topics so if you have any comments or links to add, please let me know!

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