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Positive Outing: Interview with Appliances Online

In August Kate wrote a great review of the fashion site Modcloth. Continuing on our “outing of awesome companies” trend I wanted to draw attention to some of the great things going on at Appliances Online

Appliances Online does what it says on the tin—it’s a place to buy white goods online. I first came across their site when shopping for my own new appliances and was so impressed by my experience with their site, I was inspired to write this post. Their site has a clean design and fantastic category pages that really think about how their customer will be shopping for a new product. They have created Top 5 lists, have video shopping guides, and have used lovely large images to make the whole experience more pleasant.

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Changes in Search Marketing...from the Head of Sales point of view

So SEO is changing. We are all pretty aware of that. Just look at the increase in the term Inbound Marketing and the way the recent algorithm updates have been shaping the industry and it’s pretty clear we are in the midst of some serious SEO evolution.

As Head of Sales at Distilled for over 3 years, I have seen a lot of change in what clients are asking for, what projects go well, and what is considered SEO success. When I first started at Distilled it was all about introducing companies to the possibilities SEO had to offer. For the past few years, there has been a shift to more companies looking for smart and creative (not to mention whitehat) linkbuilding. Recently I’ve been seeing a few new trends emerge and I think it’s a very clear sign of the times and the direction search marketing is moving into.

Here are the top 3 new trends I’m seeing in search based on client requests.

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Announcing the Distilled SearchLove Startups Competition Winner

Ask and you shall receive! After launching the SearchLove Startup Competition on the 22nd of September, Distilled saw a flurry of tweets followed by a huge amount of awesome entries. With so many to choose from it was very hard to pick a clear winner so we didn’t - we picked two!

And the Winners Are...

1st Place Winner(s)

Both to receive one free ticket to the upcoming New York SearchLove conference.

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Announcing the Distilled SearchLove’s Startups Competition

At Distilled, we are fortunate enough to get to work with a number of startups like Reevoo, Huddle, Razoo and GiftRocket. Most of the startups we speak to know that SEO is a crucial part of their marketing plan, and they rely heavily on search to increase traffic, clients and even brand awareness.

We love seeing what startups are able to do with SEO, as their speed and “get things done” attitude allows them to be creative and generate some real cutting-edge work. Inspired by the success stories we have heard recently, we decided that it would be great to hear more about how startups use SEO to help grow their business and to reward them for their great efforts.

With that, we’re excited to announce the SearchLove Startup Competition!

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The 12 Days of Distilledmas

Happy Holidays everyone! Here is a little Distilled treat designed by Leonie for you all.  Enjoy!

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