Caitlin Krumdieck

Global Director of Client Development

Caitlin Krumdieck is our Global Director of Client Development and looks after the Distilled Client Development Teams in London, Seattle, and New York. Caitlin is originally from San Diego California and moved to the UK after getting her Degree in Graphic Design from UC Davis. After a varied career in marketing, recruitment, and then 3 years in Media Sales, Caitlin came to Distilled with a hunger to learn more about the big bad world of Digital.

Four years later and she not only has search marketing knowledge to rival top consultants in the business; she has managed to set up our international team of talented and dedicated Client Development Consultants. With four years of consistent growth for Distilled consulting under her belt, Caitlin’s current focuses on are making her team stronger, constantly improving client relationships, and trying to guess which figures Duncan might need on any given day.

Caitlin is based in our London office, but works remotely a large amount of the time from her home in Cornwall. When not juggling 3 time zones, she can be found helping her husband Will with his restaurant in St Mawes  or taking her dog for long walks on the Cornish coast. She is notorious for shrieking with delight every time the sun decides to shine and has a bit of a reputation for being quite persuasive.

Caitlin Speaking at Distilled's Pro SEO Conference 2010

Caitlin Speaking at Distilled's Pro SEO Conference 2010

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