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Two Brands Creating Kick Ass Content, And Why It Works

As Hannah Smith stated on the blog back in June, content creation without strategy leads to disparate content with no theme or purpose.  If you’ve been in content marketing long enough, you’ve likely noticed a pattern in which many brands skip the strategy and, instead, churn out one-off pieces of content that do not correspond to one another.

Sure, creating independent, sporadic pieces of content worked in the past, but we can no longer let developing a content strategy “take a backseat” any more.

Between blog posts, videos, infographics, and a vibrant social media presence to drive customers to them all, your online content should establish your expertise, solidify your core branding and spread the word about what you do.

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Standing out from the Clutter: What we can Learn from Traditional Advertising

As internet marketers, we know how to strategize and design beautiful and engaging online content. However, with the onslaught of content creation for SEO and traffic-increase purposes over the past few years, we can’t just make another infographic, or even another interactive visualization. We now have to make sure we’re creating content that stands out, not content that is adding to the clutter.

While brainstorming ideas for online content that will entice interaction from your target audience, why not take a couple cues from the characteristics of successful traditional advertising techniques? Although they’ve been around for decades, there’s certainly a reason why strategies such as billboard advertising, TV advertisements and PR stunts are still viable.


Here are a few themes and characteristics of effective traditional advertising methods that I like to make sure the creative online content we create at Distilled incorporates:

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If You Want to be in The Media, Become Media-Worthy

Gone are the days of producing infographics just for the sake of creating linkbait. With the insane amount of brilliant content that is being shared on the Internet, you have to be more strategic than ever to create a campaign that has a chance of being successful.  

Of course, you can’t ever guarantee success when it comes to a content marketing campaign. But, there are definitely tactics you can consider early on during the brainstorming process that will allow you to create a campaign that has a better chance of successfully winning the attention of the influencers and journalists you are hoping will cover it.

Below I’ll guide you through three tactics that I like to keep in mind while brainstorming new ideas for campaigns. I like to blend one or more of these tactics into the idea in order to increase the chances of creating content that embodies the media-worthy characteristics of a story that journalists are looking for.

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What People Think I Do: Blogger Outreach Edition

If you’ve ever worked in the field of blogger outreach, you know how hard it is to answer the inevitable question that people ask you after you tell them your job title - “so what it is exactly that you do?”  Seems easy enough, right?  Not exactly.  As soon as I’m asked that, a ton of questions pop into my own head: “Okay, how should I explain what I do to this person?  Do they know what SEO is?  Do they know what content marketing is?” I usually end up giving them a very vague description, telling them that I simply do online PR. Short, sweet and to-the-point.  Most of the time, people just acknowledge my answer and talk about something else.  Only a few rare instances do people have questions, then it gets complicated again.  This is when I quickly change the subject.  Some things, like the discussion of blogger outreach tasks, are just not cocktail party conversation.

Everyone within the outreach department here at Distilled has experienced the difficulty of trying to explain what we do to other people, especially to others outside of the Internet marketing world.

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How to Pitch Journalists: Pro Tips from a BuzzFeed Contributor

Does your blogger outreach campaign consist of sending formal press releases to multiple journalists at once? Or, are you ignoring smaller blogs and Tumblrs and opting to pitch highly authoritative sites instead? Well, guess what? You’re going about it the wrong way. Well, according to the perspective of a contributor at the popular site BuzzFeed, you are.

I recently had the opportunity, thanks to the lovely folks at Muck Rack, to attend an exclusive presentation on how to pitch journalists. The journalist providing an insider’s perspective was BuzzFeed’s own, Ryan Broderick. During the presentation, he shared advice for blogger outreach specialists, like myself, whose goal is to get the content they’re promoting covered by major media outlets. To be honest, I was quite surprised by the insight he had shared.

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