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How to Audit a Site for Structured Data Opportunities

‘Structured data’ has become a major buzzword in the SEO world, and with it has come a host of other jargon, from ‘rich snippets’ and ‘JSON-LD implementation’ to ‘microformats’ and ‘’. But what do these things actually mean? And what (if anything) should we be doing about it?

This post will walk you through the process of identifying structured data opportunities for your site, as well as how to check an existing implementation for errors.

What is structured data?

‘Structured data’ in an SEO context refers to marking up a webpage’s HTML to provide more detailed information about what the content on that page is actually about. This is done in a very specific way so that it is understandable by computers as well as people.

There are many different types of structured data; you may be familiar with the Facebook Open Graph markup, for instance.

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Are Mobile Apps a Threat to the Web?

As Mobile Month here on the Distilled blog draws to a close, two members of the team discuss whether the rise of mobile apps poses a threat to the web as we know it.

“adoption of mobile web devices is booming”

“trying to build walled gardens on the internet has failed repeatedly”

Bridget Randolph, Consultant at Distilled


Mobile technology is improving rapidly and worldwide adoption of mobile web devices is booming.

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“#IDo”: What Social Media Marketers can Learn from Weddings

There are lots of posts and articles out there about social media marketing. Some are how-to guides covering technical requirements, some are data-driven theories about what type of content gets the most shares, some are fluff pieces and clickbait.

But what I want to look at today (in a very quick and overview-ish way) is how ‘regular people’ use social networks when they’re talking about weddings (their own and other people’s), and what we as marketers can learn from that about how to engage with our audiences.

image credit: Hugh McLeod,

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Midweek Motivation: 16 Brands Getting Creative With Mobile

It’s Wednesday. And all the high hopes and excitement that marked the start of a new week (and in the UK, the August Bank Holiday) have begun to die down as we realize that we’ve still got a ways to go before the weekend.

Here at Distilled, we’re pretty excited about our newest DistilledU module, which is all about Building A Mobile-Friendly Website.

So, to help you over the midweek hump and get you re-inspired (and maybe even coax a smile), and in honor of our new mobile module, we’ve decided to share some of our favorite examples of brands using mobile in creative, fun ways.

From clever integrated campaigns and fun apps, to social media engagement and crazy QR codes, here’s a look at some unusual approaches that marketers are using to interact with mobile users.

Online/Offline Integration


Nivea solar-powered phone charger

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Optimizing Your Local Presence for Mobile Search (and vice versa!)

When you optimize your website for localized search terms, it’s described as Local SEO. While Local SEO can seem like a somewhat niche topic, it impacts a surprisingly high number of searches. Google data tells us that around 1 out of every 5 searches has local intent. So businesses with a local presence that ignore local search optimization are potentially missing out on a great opportunity.

And there’s a new player in the local search arena: the mobile web. Because of the convenience and portability factor of smartphones and other mobile devices, the percentage of searches with local intent performed on a mobile device can be as high as 40%.

Not convinced yet? Check out the following smartphone stats from Google’s Think Insights Databoard:

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