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Three Questions That Drive PPC Success

You’re an SEO or Marketing Manager who’s been put in charge of online advertising – how do you make sure your program is on the right track? Below are some of the most important questions to ask.

First, a little back story:

As an agency-side PPC manager and consultant, I usually arrive on scene during organizational transitions or when digital advertising has reached the stage of serious consideration as part of the marketing mix. Oftentimes the first questions I address are actually about what kinds of questions should be asked to judge or build campaigns.

This is as it should be – finding and asking the right questions is essential to success. If you’re an SEO expert who’s been asked to take charge of paid search, a marketing manager tasked with overseeing a multi-platform online advertising program, or even an executive taking stock of how and why dollars are being spent, you need to know how to take charge and evaluate strategy and performance quickly without getting lost in the technical weeds.

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Improving User Experience in PPC

A user’s experience of a brand is a complex thing. At every point of the customer journey, they’re forming an impression of what kind of company they’re dealing with. Yet somehow online marketers tend to equate user experience (UX) with simply landing page design or conversion rate optimization (CRO), and forget about the other touch points. 

Since advertising holds a weighty responsibility in forming a positive UX, it’s important to look at the world of pay-per-click (PPC). In turn, we need to ask ourselves: how can we use PPC to create a great experience for our customers?

Earning Attention Through A Quality Experience

UX in relation to PPC isn’t only in the landing page experience - it begins with serving the ad itself. When we enter a query into a search engine, the ad your paid search campaign delivers is a response with your name tied to it.

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The Democratization of Video Advertising

February is a glorious month for television in the US, hosting the legendary Super Bowl, a climactic fusion of modern mass media advertising and entertainment. While I remain a sportsball agnostic Seattle nonfan, as an advertising specialist I’m always excited to see how companies will use the pigskin platform to engage with consumers. For the marketing world, the commercials and the surrounding conversations on Twitter are almost an event in and of themselves.

But despite all the attention regularly focused on these ads and their rising price tag (an average $4 Million for 30 seconds this year), the big-screen buys of the old guard represent a progressively smaller part of the overall video advertising picture. Even ads destined for this most “TV” of ad spots are now being bred for multi-screen palatability and distributed in less elite formats, serving more as broadly targeted jumping off points for social media campaigns than as traditional brand or product advertisements.

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