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Diagnosing ‘no return tag’ errors in GSC when hreflang, on the surface, looks optimal

Bio | Annaleis is currently working as an SEO Consultant at Brainlabs. Her experience lies in digital marketing, with a specific focus on search engine optimization (SEO), in developing and executing SEO strategies for a variety of global accounts, in varying industries. She is building her specialty in luxury, e-commerce clients. Prior to this, Annaleis worked in digital marketing for a conference company that runs search & digital marketing conferences.

We’ve all been there - you’re looking over a client’s hreflang; everything looks alright, nothing alarming is jumping out. You then go across to check Google Search Console and see month on month hreflang errors increasing. Sorry?! 

Hreflang is one of those areas of international SEO that looks deceivingly straightforward (John Muller tends to agree), but as soon as something doesn’t add up, it becomes a minefield of rabbit holes.

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Five Golden Rules for SEO Beginners - Tips From Distilled

They say learning SEO is like learning a new language. With such a skill, comes hours of pouring over educational materials and practising it until it comes with ease. But if you don’t learn the skill with the guidance of a teacher or the right resources, you can end up with holes in your knowledge and a wobbly accent (so to speak).

Luckily at Distilled, I have access to a full office of SEO professionals who have been practising such skills for years. It is this resource that I am going to share a snippet of, with you today.

This isn’t your typical SEO beginners guide. Instead, it’s a how-to-get-ahead and stand-out-from-the-crowd debut. The kind of thing when learning a new skill, you’d want to stumble across.

So - here’s what you need to know if you want to stand out from your average SEO newbie crowd...


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