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Using Customer Surveys to Define Your Content Marketing Efforts

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—content marketing can be tough. Creating content without a target audience is like Hall without Oates, peanut butter without jelly, Carly Rae Jepson without ‘Call Me Maybe’….essentially, it just doesn’t make sense.

Using a customer market research survey is a fairly quick and efficient way to identify an audience and start brainstorming content strategies that will keep current customers interested and convince potential customers to convert. By using the information found from a simple survey, we can begin to understand our audience and figure out what the heck we should be creating for them.

In her recent post, Distilled SEO Consultant Stephanie Chang talked about the framework for building a content marketing strategy - surveys make up an important part of the structure, and here are some tips on how to execute them specifically.

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5 Things a Homemade Rap Video Taught Me About Outreach

It was the one thing standing between me and the ‘Submit!’ button on my Distilled job application:

Anything else we should know about you? (this is your opportunity to impress us)”

Well, damn it. I had reached the online equivalent of the, “So tell me more about yourself?” question in an in-person interview—you know, the one filled with the awkward rambling of mish-mashed facts about your life accompanied by the sinking feeling you just verbally completed an eHarmony profile page.

With no previous experience in online marketing, I knew that my way of “impressing” Distilled was not going to come by way of a Google Analytics Certification Score or a list of popular blogs that already called me a contributor. I knew getting past the dreaded “apply-here-and-we-will-contact-you-if-we-are-interested” portion of the process would probably be one of my biggest hurdles of the entire thing.

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