Adria Saracino

Head of Content Strategy

Adria is a content strategist responsible for understanding consumer behavior and developing strategies that influence purchasing decisions. She joined Distilled in October 2011 as the head of outreach, where she started a new team of ninjas responsible for earning coverage for clients. In October 2013, she left her team of nine to pursue content marketing. She hopes to mirror the success of the Outreach Team and help grow an equally as successful Content Strategy Team.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Adria went to Syracuse University to study graphic design and marketing. When not developing content strategies or conducting market research, you can find her writing about style, food, and decor on her blog The Emerald Palate, exploring Seattle’s culinary scene, or attending a fitness boot camp. She enjoys traveling, photography, typography, package design, snowboarding, dodgeball, and Where’s Waldo. To learn more about her (including 35 very interesting fun facts), visit