Distilled is a (personable) geek at heart. With that in mind the TL;DR of the Distilled culture is a constant desire to improve.

Distilled has set itself the goal of being the best place for the best people to work. We aren’t there yet, and implied in the goal is the acknowledgement that we will never quite get there. In fact the point is that ‘there’ doesn’t really exist.

At the heart of everything that is good about Distilled is a desire to improve.

Tom wrote an awesome post over on OnStartups that does a fantastic job of highlighting the memes at the heart of Distilled. Most, if not all of the memes were borne out of the drive to get better at what we do.

The small things that make a big difference

Almost everyone who applies for a job at Distilled loves the idea of Beer o’clock when we all down tools, grab a beer and catch up with the rest of the team. We love enforced fun at Distilled, which is reflected in a bi-monthly party. Over the years this has led to various party games and much hilarity. The egg and spoon race around the office was definitely a highlight.

Underpinning everything at Distilled is a healthy rivalry, great respect and most of all friendship.

Despite Distilled being 6 years old we have a vibe more reminiscient of a startup than a 30 person business (we will always be a small business at heart). This means there is a distinct lack of a hierarchy so everyone is a quick hop away from the top of the tree, or, put another way, the bottom.

The achievement I’m most proud of has nothing to do with the performance of Distilled and has everything to do with building a team of people who are great friends outside of work

Duncan Morris