Hello there!

We’re Distilled, an online marketing agency with offices in London, New York and Seattle.

We believe tomorrow’s biggest brands will be built online. To play a leading role in this, we need to push ourselves and our clients to be exceptional.

Will Critchlow, Founder

What keeps us trying hard? A constant desire to become the best place to work.

Duncan Morris, Founder

The Distilled Way

Our core beliefs are written across our office walls to remind us who we are. Here are a few of our favorite guiding principles:

Work smarter

It’s not about the hours we put in, but the results we get. Sharing and improving our knowledge is what helps us all get better every day.

Don’t be afraid to hustle

Endless meetings aren’t our style. We move quickly to figure out what works and what doesn’t, tackling any obstacles that pop up along the way. It’s only through making things happen that we can bring about long-term change for our clients.

Keep calm and communicate

We believe that ‘communication solves all problems.’ Our consultants regularly pick up the phone to ask their client how it’s going, arrange a meeting or just invite them out for a beer.

Become the best place to work

We constantly look for ways to build a team that is happy and able to accomplish great things. And we’ve made real progress so far. Social events (including a company holiday) help to encourage a close-knit group, while a non-hierarchical work structure means we all take the time to listen to each other.

Our History

Distilled could only ever have been created by founders Will and Duncan, friends from the first time they met in the school playground. The company brought together their love of technology, business and whisky.

Fast-forward almost ten years and Distilled is an online marketing agency with over 60 staff, spread across three offices. So how did we get here?

  • Duncan and Will found a web development agency based in the somewhat unglamorous setting of Duncan’s front room.

  • Will’s little brother, Tom, joins and the company makes the move towards organic and paid search.

  • Lynsey Little heads up an events team and, soon enough, ProSEO is born kicking and screaming. Distilled’s first conference brings together acclaimed experts to tell the world a thing or two about online marketing.

  • Distilled’s long-running industry friend Moz helps the company grow, leading to a new office in Seattle, led by Rob Ousbey.

  • An Outreach team is thrown into the marketing mix, thanks to Adria Saracino.

  • The events team expands its domination with the first SearchLove conference.

  • Distilled opens its third office. Hello New York City!

  • Mark Johnstone shakes things up by forming a Creative team.

  • The company’s first Distilledathon sees all staff knock heads for a week of exchanging ideas and socializing.

  • It’s time to get sharing. Enter DistilledU, the brand’s online training platform.

  • A Content Marketing team combines the powers of Hannah Smith and Adria Saracino.

  • The events team takes learning one step further with its series of masterclasses. Watch this space!