A potted history of Distilled

Distilled began between Duncan Morris and Will Critchlow in early 2005. Distilled started life as a web development agency based in Duncan’s front room. Watching the 2005 Ashes is a favourite early memory for Duncan but best not to mention this to Will, who spent the majority of the first year pounding the streets meeting potential clients!

Will and Duncan, relaxing in the distilled offices


Distilled remained exclusively a web development agency until Tom Critchlow joined in mid-2007. Tom’s arrival began the migration towards becoming the organic and paid search agency you see today.

Rob Ousbey and his team hanging out in Seattle

In early 2010, Distilled went west side and opened an office over in Seattle, with Rob Ousbey at the helm. This growth came after Distilled made the long-term partnership developed with Moz more formal and allowed us to take over search consultancy. Distilled had been sharing offices with Moz until March 2010, when they finally became too numerous for the space and moved into their own.

In late 2010, Distilled stopped taking on any web development clients and, in early 2011, it exited the web development game completely, transitioning its clients to Top Left Design in order to focus solely on organic and paid search.

Distilled opened its third office, in New York City, on June 13th 2011. The new office was originally headed by Tom Critchlow and contained a strong and excited new team.

The full (fake) blow-by-blow account

For this to make any sense you’ll have to read from the bottom upwards – much like you do a twitter stream, and much like a twitter stream, it still probably won’t make that much sense.

Our evolution into content marketers:

  • @philnottingham – after much collating and furious penmanship, we’ve just shipped the #onlinevideoguide over at Distilled http://dis.tl/PhBqq9 #goodread [2012]
  • @duncanmorris – So proud of #DistilledU if you haven’t had a chance to check it out, head over to our training resources nowhttp://dis.tl/n3VTQQ [2012]
  • @distilled-We’re super excited to announce public profiles have now gone live on #DistilledU – so many badges to collect! [2012]
  • @LC_Brady – @LynsLittle and I are super busy planning our tenth conference and this year’s #SearchLove is set to be the biggest and best yet! [2012]
  • @tomcritchlow – The Next Chapter http://dis.tl/RZcDrv Thank you to everyone at Distilled. I give you the only gift I know So long and thanks for all the fish. [2012]
  • @willcritchlow – Very excited that we have shipped our new online SEO university, #DistilledU into the beta :-) @distilled [2012]
  • @hannah_bo_banna – Hey @RichardWestenra We’ve been nominated for an NMA award for our work with @simplybusiness. Cocktails o’clock? I think so [2012]
  • @markajohnstone – Only gone and launched the first @distilled interactive infographic for @ThomsonHolidays: http://tinyurl.com/d4smz4n #getonit [2011]
  • @duncanmorris – Busy adding to our internal innovation, our @distilled labs creates canny content using individually vetted freelance journalists [2011]
  • @adriasaracino – Just hired by @distilled to create a content outreach team in Seattle. Da Vinci didn’t paint the Mona Lisa for no one to see his masterpiece! [2011]
  • @willcritchlow – @distilled adventures across the pond – So excited about how well our offices in Seattle and New York are doing! (July 2008)
  • @tomcritchlow – So, @distilled just announced plans to open a New York office. Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, indeed! (March 18th 2011 via @distilled)
  • @lynslittle – Puting on 2 one-day link building conferences in March. The first in London and the next in New Orleans. I’ll sleep in April. [2010]
  • @distilled – Launched our first infographic for eBay today: http://tinyurl.com/bvm8zme Taking content creation to the next level [2010]
  • @willcritchlow – #BigNews: Rentokil is shortlisted for CorpComms DigiAwards for best corporate blog thanks to top content & astute management from @distilled [2010]
  • @distilled – Very excited to be bringing in @leximills to head up new PR team for our now fast growing client base [2010]
  • @robousbey – Moving to Seattle to open Distilled Consulting. At least I’ll finally get to see some sunshi – oh wait [2010]
  • @SEOmoz – Sadly, we’re no longer taking on SEO consulting gigs. Luckily, we’re partnering with @distilled, so you still get awesome SEO experts. [2010]
  • @duncanmorris – The first ever London SEO Pro Training was a massive success. The events division of Distilled is born. Thanks for all the hard work, guys! [2009]
  • @duncanmorris – #YAOM (Yet another office move). This time we have to stick around; we signed a 3 year lease. New address is 72 Cannon Street! [2006]
  • Will Critchlow – The office moving spree continues. Moving to 10 Maltings Place, 169 Tower Bridge Road (July 2008)
  • @willcritchlow-Got a proper office today. Now at 151 Tower Bridge Road. Drop by if you’re in the area [2007]
  • @distilled – Today we’ve launched our blog. Please subscribe and RT [2007]
  • @leoniewharton – Just joined the @distilled team with @duncanmorris and @willcritchlow. Let’s get design savvy! [2007]
  • @distilled – Big day today. Our first employee due in any minute now… [2007]
  • @duncanmorris – @willcritchlow and I have shed the boyband acronym and dubbed the company @distilled #alwayslearning [2006]
  • @willcritchlow – Woop! We’ve got a bigger office and this one has a window! Still in St. John’s Crypt, so moving should be simple. [2006]
  • @duncanmorris – Hey @willcritchlow I’ve found us an office in St. John’s Crypt. But will it be too creepy? [2006]
  • @willcritchlow - Launched our very first client website! Some natty merging of mine and@duncanmorris names and WandD is born #PROUD [2005]